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I must say I am very excited to get into a house of my own soon enough. I am 29 years old and purchasing a home! Gotta love that.

I recently purchased a home in the Buffalo suburbs which is quite beautiful. It is an older century home, on a decent sized property, with a nice big 2 story carriage house out back. The house is in almost perfect condition. My home inspector was quite impressed by the place. There are a few issues, but they are small and can easily be addressed once we move in.

The main floor includes a Morning Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Full Bath, and Kitchen. The only thing that is really strange is that the bathroom is on the main floor. We will likely be renovating the bathroom eventually. Nightbird is claiming the Mourning Room for her office / the bird room.

Otherwise the main floor is almost perfect with a few slight imperfections here and there, like a slightly worn carpet, and mainly paint, fixtures and window treatments.

The second floor is interesting. It includes a small one bedroom apartment in the front half of the second floor. The apartment is fairly large, and will easily fetch 400 a month or so, which will help with the payments.

The back half of the second floor is the main units bedrooms, of which there are 3 and a small half bath. The smallest of these will be used as a guest room, with only a small futon bed for guests. The largest of the 3 bedrooms at the back, will be used as a master bedroom, and the 3rd bedroom will be used as my office / hamshack.

The basement is rather interesting in that the foundation is cut stone, with molten iron mortar. There is also a very strange cold cellar, which is hidden away behind a book case. There is a partially finished area down there, which may be suitable for a hot tub room / sauna.

Off the back of the house is a small enclosed patio.

The second floor of the carriage house will be used for my model train layout. Not much needs to be done to prep it for the layout.

I am looking forward to having my own place. I hope it will inspire me to get out more, and be more active.

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