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Lofty Lair Lounge: Update

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Operation Lofty Lair is an ambitious plan to create a bit of a 'recreation' room in the loft space above my garage. The original plan focused on the room being very purpose built, as an adult focused entertainment room. However, I have decided to change that idea, in light of events that have happened back in the house. The plan called for my model railroad to be moved to the basement of the house, which seemed to be a good idea. The 'issue' sprang up when the sewage lines got clogged, and caused some minor flooding in the basement. Luckily, the sewage water didn't reach the walls, however it very easily could of.

This event opened my eyes to the fact that finishing the basement, or putting anything down there that requires a great investment, is likely not an ideal plan. Therefore, I have changed the original plan of Lofty Lair. The Lounge will be a multi purpose room, with a Model Railway, lounge, bench with computer, and adult play space, all rolled into one room. So yes, the railway will end up going back up to the loft... (I hope this is the last time I decide to flip flop on this issue).

The room will feature a built in bench around 36" to 44" high along the wall. In most cases it will be 2 feet wide. The area above the bench work will be a mixture of oak trim, and drywall, which will be pained a darker color. Wall sconces will decorate the wall at specific intervals. The area below the bench work will be, in most cases removable oak paneling. This will be stained very dark. The model railroad bench will consist of a 'tray' built into the woodworking, within which the layout can be designed. Due to the unevenness of the floor and ceiling, it should be interesting to try to get everything to look proper.

Most of the rooms electrical will be wired with EMT conduit and boxes located below the bench work, which will be accessible. MC 12-2 (BX) cabling will extend from the four-square boxes to service outlets which will be mounted on the outside of the bench work, or to service lamps on the wall. Internet access will be provided by the fiber optic connection to the house. The equipment for that will also be hidden under the bench work.

This is a big project for me, as it will require me to learn woodworking skills I have never dealt with before. I will hopefully have help from time to time. But I must press on on my own I think. I can't wait around forever until I find someone who can be my partner.

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