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I sit up in my Lofty Lair trying to find inspiration to do something meaningful. So I decided to write this post to try to sort things out. I am working on two main projects in my life right now.

One being a virtual backbone for the SVNO. This virtual backbone will be a javascript based 'game' which will simulate an entire continental rail network. And this will be used to simulate generated traffic to and from the SVNO. But I figure it can also be more than that, and I see the ability for it to be something that other people might want to take part in. So that plan might end up being a little bit of a money maker. Right now I am stuck on the graphical aspect of it, as I am not very strong in regards to graphics. But I look forward to getting past that and focusing on the coding and actual gameplay aspects.

The other project is the 'Lofty Lair'. Now indeed as some of you remember, the Lofty Lair was a multi purpose room which would include some of my hobbies and also other adult play things, like my Medical Table and other such things. Generally it is just what I call my Loft right now. But I need to get off my butt and finish the Loft. That means putting in some carpeting and finishing up some of the panels below the model railroad.

But even before I do that, I need to figure out what to do with a ~14ft by ~9ft area in one of the corners which is as of yet unfinished. The plan is to install a bathroom there. But there is also room for something else. But what? Way back in the day I thought it would be fun to have a two person jacuzzi in there. My kinky self indeed wants that. But I don't think it is practical, or anything I can really afford right now. A 5ft by 9ft half-bathroom should be sufficient for the purposes of the Loft.

Of course having a shower there would increase the resale value - essentially making the loft a livable space. But I don't really see that as a need right now. I think perhaps the rest of the space might end up being storage and/or a server rack.
I for sure want to get a fire system installed in here too. That won't be too difficult. But I think the biggest thing will be plumbing. Maybe I will be able to use my tax return for that.

In any case, the renovations really need to finish before I can finish the rest of the room and really put some effort into detailing the SVNO model railroad. I can't keep the area unfinished and expect to ever have a nice area up here. So I guess I should get cracking and build a wall.

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