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It has been ages since I updated much on here. I have been avoiding publishing a lot, as I feel that people generally don't care, or will be offended by what I have to say. So in a way I am self censoring. Also as of late a lot of my thoughts and writings have been documented privately in exclusive conversations or documents. That being said, I have a new setup on this site, which allows me to publish private posts, which only registered users (friends) can see. So I shall try to do that more often. It is not that the topics are really offensive or overly taboo. Just that even with simple articles in the past where I have expressed subjective opinions, I would often get flack for posting them.

I have been making an attempt to become more and more objective in the way I look at everything. Being able to notice the difference between objective and subjective opinions has been really interesting. I notice a lot of people have lost sight of the difference. I think in a way a lot of this has to do with the programming that the mass media has been doing over the years. News is now very subjective. And such things are now taken as fact. Look at Global Warming / Climate Change for example. Many have fully bought into the Global Warming argument because it has been drilled into their heads for so long now. But few can provide an actual argument in favor of it. They just know it is true because of what they heard on the news and in social media, and on shows they watch. However if you look at the evidence objectively you tend to notice the many glaring problems with the arguments.

Anyhow, I am pondering the choice of taking on a new submissive. First of all, yes, I un-collared my previous submissive. I love sable a lot, but she was in a position which made it difficult for me to really continue being her Dom, and that position wasn't going to change, no matter how much I wanted it too.

I am in no rush to run into a new D/s relationship. I know I have several projects around the house I want to wrap up before I really look into anything that could potentially take me away from real life responsibilities again. I also want to be sure that a new sub will be able to join me in real life, as well. I think that is kind of needed.

I have also been working on projects around the house. Of the many projects, one of the ones I wish to begin is the conversion of the second floor. I wish to begin knocking down walls towards the end of the summer. Before that begins I did kind of promise that I would get the basement buttoned up again. That is mostly underway, and given a few hot, or rainy days I imagine I could get that back together. The plan is to place a computer desk down there, along with a sitting area, and to assemble the dungeon. The dungeon will have a medical table, and be set up in a way to look like a doctors exam room.

I have gotten the server rack moved, and am close to wrapping that up. I just need to terminate the Cat5 cables and the fiber in the panels. Ideally I would like to transfer this website to be hosted at home; we will see how feasible this is. For now, the rack will contain gaming servers, and my media servers. Also the DVR will be moved down there as well.

Outside, I am still trying to find the funding to put in a cement curb on the North side of my house. I also plan on finishing up the electrical work in the garage this summer, and hopefully stain my fence and the stairs on my porch again. In most cases it is money which is holding me up. I wish I had the money to just work on projects non stop, but alas, such things are not free.

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