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Lazy Aurora Night

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Ah to recall the lazy evenings adventuring in Aurora with Jeff. We would find a quiet field out in the country, drive into it with our lights off, and just relax as we watch the stars.


We would talk about girls, life, and the universe in general. Usually sipping on a Tim Horton's coffee, and eating a Little Caesars Hot-n-Ready... Yeah, that was classy, I know. But it was cheap and we enjoyed it.


Sometimes, some interesting photos would be captured. Such as this beauty. The dew forming on the grasses, as the cool night air settles in on this late September night.


$10 to anyone who can identify that tower :P Ah, good old RF radiation. I love it. That is why I am sterile, right? Wait, I am sterile? hmmm...


Ah yes, the old off roading whacker van. And the super adventure Jeep! Those two reliable vehicles took us many places, and never failed us. Believe it or not!

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