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Well not really. But it is forsure the last night of a good chunk of my life, as I am turning 40 tonight.

The big news today, Russian invading Ukraine, was inescapable. For weeks this has played out. But why now?


Part of this is that the Biden administration has re-instituted Victoria Nuland as the Ukraine representative. In the past Nuland has worked to cause a coup in Ukraine, and was successful at instituting regime change in the interest of the USA, within Ukraine's highest levels of government. The goal has been to convert Ukraine into a NATO Ally. Remember, Nuland was the one who was recorded in a phone call as saying 'Fuck the EU'. In that same phone call, she was openly talking about what politicians should be running Ukraine and who they should put in power. You can listen to it here:

In response to those actions, back in 2014, Russia claimed Crimea, a Southern Peninsula of Ukraine in what was said to be a democratic election where the people voted to become part of Russia. Russia's move to secure this territory was very much based on the fact that one of it's very important warm water naval ports was located here. With the risk that Ukraine was going to be flipped to NATO by US actors, Russia took action to protect it's port and resources.

But that isn't the only Claim Russia has on Ukraine. Kyiv was originally the birthplace of Russia. Going back into the 800's AD, Kyiv was Russia, or Rus as it was known back then. This remained the case for well over 800 years, when the region became a Russian ally known as the Cossack's. The area remained a committed ally of Russia well into the 20'ty Century, being part of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union fell, Ukraine, along with many eastern countries, had to learn how to go it on their own. But that was only a little more than 30 years ago.


So yes, Russia has a very valid claim on Ukraine. Former territory, which was originally it's original Capitol going back 1000+ years, which was lost as recently as 31 years ago. That would be like the United States losing Philadelphia, PA and the whole Eastern part of Pennsylvania to become a sovereign state. Then having Russia try to infiltrate the region and use their agents to cause a regime change to make Pennsylvania a close ally of Russia. All this within a time span of about 3 years. Would the United States be blamed if they suddenly got a little antsy and decided to re-take Pennsylvania? Probably. But would it be the correct thing to do, for the good of the nation as a whole? Heck yeah.

There are many Ukrainian's who didn't do well in Soviet Russia. Indeed many people did not. It was a failed form of government. One that young people and Democrats seem to wish to return to, tho they really are very naive about how horrible such a form of government actually is. But there are also many who did feel that Ukraine was stronger with Russia.

The media in general is compromised in the US and the Western world in general. Canada's media is especially compromised these days. This year's coverage of the Trucker protest in Ottawa all but proves the bias that most of Canadian media has. So of course the Media will downplay and claims and will not even mention Nuland, and the American's attempt to cause regime change there. But if people choose to believe the lies that the talking heads tell them, and ignore obvious facts and evidence, then I suppose they deserve to live in fear.


The truth of the matter is that Russia has a legitimate claim on Ukraine. And with the American Democratic politicians tinkering with the regime and government of Ukraine, Russia has a right to sweep in and protect it's history and re capture it's regional assets. Should this be a Western issue to defend Ukraine? No. It is the West who caused it however. Had the Biden Administration, and Victoria Nuland not tinkered and began to manipulate how Ukraine was being run, to try to steer them towards the West's agenda, Russia would not have felt threatened by an increased Western presence in it's original heartland and would of let Ukraine continue being an Independent Ukraine so long as their relations were still decent.

Those in the know, know this. They know the history. Will this cause World War III? That I suppose depends on how the West responds. If the West intervenes, I can see Russia really making the West regret that. At this point what else is there to loose? America is in shambles with it's lousy government, and it's cuck'ed younger generation. Europe is in trouble with having a hard time recovering from the economic losses from Covid-19 and the earlier issues. And every other country is having a hard time dealing with their own problems. Russia has a good chance at coming out on top at this point. Remember, that the Soviet's were the ones who really truly won World War II. They lost a lot more lives and pushed back the main bulk of the Nazi regime. Sure they did a lot of that using Lend Lease equipment and a lot of Western help. But they still lost a hell of a lot more lives in pushing back the Nazi's.

Rumors are now abound that China will use this oppertunity to seize Taiwan and also North Korea seizing South Korea. Personally I haven't seen evidence of the ladder. But I could see China pushing into Taiwan, knowing that there will be little international resistance with the distractions in Ukraine. I think, again, that this will only play into a World War situation, if the West intervenes.

It seems like some empires want to re-establish their pre-UN established borders. Maybe with America now looking very weak under Biden, and the UN it's self seeming to be otherwise compromised into a globalist agenda. There are many nations and people who don't like the idea of a globalist world. And want to retain their sovereignty, culture, history and values. I personally do not blame them.


In the end, I do believe that Russia will succeed with taking over Ukraine. Whether Ukraine becomes a state of Russia, or whether Russia just puts a pro-Russian leadership in place. I believe that it will just go that far, and that will be it.

This will be an interesting Decade ahead of us. We shall see if this blog is still up and available in 10 years (due to loss of freedoms and liberties, and the ability for private citizens to have a voice). If not, I hope someone has archived a copy for my sake. :)

Update (February 26th):

One thing I am noticing in this conflict is that both sides seem to be fighting in a manner to not put civilians in danger. This clip proves it. The vehicles didn't engage until there were no civilians near them. I do believe both sides have orders to respect non-military targets and to preform a military only attack. So I don't believe the citizens really are in too much of harms way.

MRAP vs BMP.mp4

The BMP appeared to be an Engineering or Rocket Arty fitted unit, or maybe just an APC, without a main gun. It likely had a 7.62 MG in the commanders turret. The MRAP likely had a 50cal MG, and so outgunned the BMP.

It has been interesting to watch these modern units engage in warfare. It is also interesting to see how successful AT infantry have been at stopping convoys. The Ukranian's are putting up a good fight and I do respect and commend Volodymyr Zelenskyy for even taking up arms on the streets himself - tho in a full bullet proof suit. If they do succeed in pushing the Russians back, I do suspect that Ukraine will become a NATO Ally, and that might cause even more tensions between East and West.

We had no claim, nor real legitimate reason to go into Iraq in 2003. That was purely a regime change effort. It was not linked with the 9/11 attacks on US Soil. Americans have no reason to be in Iraq, except for money (padding the pockets of the elite) and oil and for protecting our 'foreign interests' (i.e. fighting a war on behalf of other countries). But that was alright, right?

Just keep that in mind.

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