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I was thinking earlier about labels. Someone was telling me all about how they were pan this, and genderfluid and all that. And I was like.. uh huh. And that made me think back to the days when I was trying to come to terms with thoughts that maybe I was a 'furry'? I am not... But I think the key is that labels do one thing really well. They close doors.

Sure labels might help protect you and target you towards what you think you might want. But they also have a habit of hurting you.

Now sure, maybe you want to close those doors. Maybe you have learned that a type of personality out there, isn't for you, and you want to limit your self. But then you shouldn't be surprised when that label closes other doors, and scares others off. Because it will. It shows that you are inflexible and therefore unwilling to adapt, and that will scare people off. And you shouldn't be mad about it, but many people are. They claim they are discriminated. Sorry... You are applying that discrimination on your self by adding a label.

Of course it could also be said that everyone should be respectful of those labels because that is what is now socially acceptable. And sure, I respect anyone neutrally until they give me a reason to respect them more or less than others. But, we all still do understand that a label limits someone. I have no problem being friends with someone who identifies as gender fluid. But am I likely to involve myself in a committed relationship with that person, being that I am a straight male? No, because I am not looking for someone who is gender fluid. I am looking for a female. And even if this female is wanting to attract my attention, chances are I won't venture down that path because that isn't what I am seeking.

On the other hand, if she had said "well i've explored various sexual preferences through my life. I have varying tastes, but right now, I am interested in being your girlfriend." Then, hey... There may be a chance.

My advice... Just be you. If anyone asks who you are, say your name. That is it! We are all unique, We are all living life and learning as we go.

So I guess my viewpoint would be to choose them carefully. Life is dynamic. We are always changing as we learn and adapt. Nothing is ever 100% But hey, that is just my opinion - and I am allowed to have it because this is just my little corner of the internet.

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