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I am quite upset, tho not entirely surprised, at the knee jerk measures taken by various states in the wake of the Sandy Hill incident. I do not want to harp on the incident itself too much here, as I think many people have already pointed out all of the various flaws and suspicious instances which make Sandy Hill appear like a false flag or some sort of conspiracy or hit job. The actors portrayed in the media coverage all seem to have different scripts and while I don't deny that perhaps young children did perish in this event, we have seen no conclusive evidence that in fact they have perished. If they have perished, I do feel sorry for their loss and I send my condolences out to the families involved. It is sad that a nation must resort to killing its own children in order to force its agenda into law.

Everyone I have spoken to so far, seems convinced that things there are not as they seem. From the most ghetto gangster I know, to a pool hustler, to a white collar executive, to a house wife. So I know I am not in the minority in thinking along these lines. And I can see why, if this was a plot to introduce tighter gun control across the board, authorities early on began to threaten about posting alternate stories or viewpoints about the event. So I guess I shouldn't talk about it.... So for the record; 'Sandy Hook was totally all about Adam Lanza and some psychotic issue he had against his mother, and anything else is total bullshit.'

Overnight in the State of New York, gun control was passed and signed into law, illegally without a mandatory 3 day period for public comment and discussion. The gun control regulations which Cuomo signed into law address mainly the maximum amount of ammo allowed to be carried in any firearm to 7 rounds. This supposedly includes revolvers (of which there are 8 shot revolvers). The new regulations also deal with denying the right of the mentally ill from owning a gun, and requiring people to now report potentially suspicious or undesired behavior to the authorities if it is known that the person is a gun owner. I will mention that this was predicted by No Agenda back in December.

Personally I am not surprised by this knee jerk reaction. I see more states following suit in the coming days and weeks.

The funny shit is, this law would not of prevented anything at Sandy Hook. Despite what the original reports suggest, Adam apparently did not use an assault rifle in the school. Instead he brought in 4 hand guns, and shot everyone with those. Four guns multiplied by seven rounds each equals 28. Guess how many people were supposedly killed in Sandy Hook. 20 Students and 8 adults. Gee... He could of easily done that if he was a good shot, without reloading a magazine. But why even bring in four hand guns? It seems more likely that there were two people with 2 handguns each. Why carry the extra weight of 2 handguns you can not use, when you could of just carried extra clips? Oh wait, I am not supposed to ask such questions. Everything happened as they said it happened, and we are not to question it.

Welcome to the NWO Sheeple... We are all to blame for this. ALL of us. And it will only get worse. The doors of the matrix are closing. Will you remain a slave, or will you free yourself?

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