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I had a dream tonight where I lived in this old house, with many rooms. I believe I was in a poly household, and I also believe that I was a King or ruler. I recall the house being mostly a single level, but it climbed up a hill as you walked further into it. The forward part of the house was a grand entrance, with a ball room, and the further back you went, the smaller the rooms got, until you got right to the rear which had a master bedroom, and then a greenhouse off the rear of that, which was a circular room, made completely of glass in which one could lounge or relax and be close to nature. In the dream however, this room was always dark, presumably because it was always night time. Never the less, I do remember walking back there in my dream and finding doors wide open - as if this was a huge security flaw. I recall telling my 'help' that the doors should be checked and locked every night.

During the dream, I was apparently hosting a party/ wedding where I was going to be giving away a daughter of mine. The reception was happening in the ball room, and some rooms off to the side, so some of the house was getting very busy while other parts were still quiet. I recall walking around the house, just checking up on preparations and inspecting things. I also recall that there was a threat that bad people might show up to kill me. However I did have guards and protection.

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