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A few weeks ago I logged into Facebook and was instantly messaged by an old friend. I often talked to this old friend, however since I stopped using Facebook, I haven't talked much to her. So we got talking and it turned out to be the same old conversation we always seem to have. How ya doin? then talk a bit about the weather and work, and that is about it. And I realized that people don't really say much anymore. Sure we talk a lot and we are good at copying stuff we hear from TV or the internet, and quoting what others have said. But it is rare to get into a real conversation now, and that is something that I think is the basis for real relationships.

So on a whim, I decided to test the theory. I randomly picked 3 matches on a dating website, without having read their profiles at all, and messaged each. I asked one person what they thought about UN Agenda 21, and population control. They didn't respond. Likely because they have no clue about this. The second one I asked an even stranger question, to see if they thought if we actually landed on the moon or not. The third, I asked what their thoughts were on 9/11, and what really happened. The third person replied almost instantly, and we struck up a very interesting conversation. Turns out she was also a Radio Broadcast Engineer like myself during the event, and we have many similarities and know some of the same people. Needless to say, we forged a very cool friendship, and I now have a totally nerdy female friend who I can chat with and share much in common with, and that is very sweet.

But back to the original issue. People don't talk about stuff that is personal anymore. Everything seems to be opinions based on what the popular consensus is. I also notice, and yes, this has been said before by others, but lately everything seems to be either black or white; right or wrong; true or false. There is no middle ground, no gray area. I think this is a result of social engineering by the media, using reality shows which promote the idea of people getting belligerent with each other over piddly issues.

This topic is touched a little bit in the movie 'God Bless America' by Bobcat Goldthwait. In the movie the main character rants about this very same problem. No one talks anymore. But he goes on to suggest that people should have some shame and dignity. And that civilization has lost its civil touch. I would disagree. I am a very open, shameless person. I say what I want, to who I want, uncensored. I am also a nudist and there for I believe that we are supposed to be nude. So skin is just skin, and there is no shame in that.

Regardless, I am one who can talk to just about anyone. And I enjoy talking to people and having real conversations. But I also notice that I do enjoy flirting. I think that is because it tends to make many people uncomfortable, even though to me, flirting and in fact most semi-intimate advances are fairly innocent. I find some humor in that I guess. But I have noticed that in general people are becoming far more protective of their opinions and argumentative. Perhaps it is the coming election? Perhaps it is the fact that the population is so scared by the fascist / police state that the American empire is becoming. Perhaps it is the corporate media brainwashing these opinions into people. Whatever it is, I would suggest that we all try to give the TV a break. Stop watching. Try playing board games, or going for walks, or even watching older TV Shows from the 90's which aren't as politically motivated. Avoid commercials, and avoid the news at all costs. Most of it is bogus anyhow, especially if you are watching Fox. Talk to your spouse. Enjoy a meal together.

Will most of you heed this advice? probably not. After all, I am just some wacko on the internet. But who knows, maybe some of you will, and maybe some of you will enjoy what you get out of following this advice.

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