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July 18th, 2006 - The Journey Begins

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Well gee.. I quit work today. wow. I have never done anything so life changing.. in my life! But I am following my heart... I feel good, and I feel secure about what my future holds for me. I just can't wait for Friday to be here. the tension is killing me. Friday I go down to the states to start training in the store I am getting. There are so many unknowns - but there are so many knowns as well. My heard tells me it will be ok.. I mean really, what is the worst that can happen? I end up back in Canada, broke. without a job. however that can easily be fixed because I have friends who care for me, and I am willing to do a lot of stuff. I was just getting sick on the Technician routine. I like the fact that now I can set my own goals and actually work towards them and change the face of the company. In Radio as a Technician I couldn't do that. I have to try and make other peoples ideas and visions, into my own goals, when in reality i had no interest in any of them. I guess it is kind of the Office Space syndrome. Heck I even made it a point to demand my Red Swingline Stapler (which was mine) back... isn't that awesome? I still have debts here in Canada which I will have to pay off from the states. That will be fun. but, i am sure I can handle it. I will be living rough for a while... but what life change goes easily? I think this is an awesome time in my life, now knowing what exactly lies around the next bend, just taking things as they come along... this takes a lot of balls. and a lot of self confidence. I know that whatever will happen, I will come thru. I really didn't want to be stuck in a dead end job in Toronto, for the rest of my life making $27,000 or whatever... which wasn't even enough to support rent and a car. I had the urge to get out and actually do something with my life.. live on the edge. hell a lot of people have done that. Some of the most interesting people I know live on the edge of life. I think that is awesome and admireable.

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