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Sable has been living with me at home for over a week now. Our relationship is developing well. We are like a young, happy couple. But, while this is great for myself, whom has been loveless and depressed for a few years now, it is not great for Jolie.

Back in early 2017 Jolie told me that she wants to consider us separated from now on. Still married, and living together, but emotionally separated, and moving onward in our lives in the emotional sense. Since then she has been making efforts towards separating her finances, and any shared assets with me. She has been sleeping in her own bed for almost 2 years now. She has spoken many times of eventually planning on moving out, and leaving me the home.

The last time we had sexual relations, she claimed that the experience was 'too intense' for her, and that she didn't like how the expeirence made her body feel for the next few days, and claimed that she doesn't wish to have sexual relations anymore, due to those strange imbalances she felt. That was roughly a year and a half ago.

In the days before Sable showed up, Jolie was apprehensive about Sable joining us. Initially, Jolie wanted Sable to move in and live with us, several years ago when she first heard of Sable's situation. But over the years, her opinion of Sable had changed. I asked Jolie if she had any interest in rebuilding an emotional relationship with me, and she said that was not something she wished to do. I asked her if she was still planning on moving out and venturing down her own path, and she said yeah, eventually. But that she was content with the status quo at the moment.

That being said, while Jolie was apprehensive with Sable moving in, she also helped out quite a bit, by lending money to assist with Sable's rescue. Without Jolie's help, I never would of been able to rescue Sable, and bring her in to live with me.

Now, a week later, Jolie seems quite emotionally upset. Hurt, or perhaps even jealous of the situation. Maybe she sees me having fun, and smiling with someone who isn't her, and regrets her choices over the years?

I am unsure what she expected from me. I mean, if she tells me she doesn't want any emotional attachment, nor any sexual interactions, nor any financial attachments... She wants to separate and eventually move out? But then she expects me to sit around, unhappy and lonely, until she is ready to make those moves? Yet, she tells me I can have a girlfriend live with me, if I wanted, but when that happens she becomes jealous.

Sorry, but at this point I am not sympathetic.

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