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Is America the new Soviet Union?

The answer seems to be leaning towards yes. With both Canada and the United States seemingly adopting a forceful socialist or communist agenda, it seems that North America, which once swore to protect the world from the evils of Communism, is now embracing it.

The only real difference between Communism and Socialism (which is what is being touted as the official term for what the young kids these days seem to desire), is that Socialism is supposed to happen gradually, where as Communism happens by force. As someone who grew up in Socialist Canada, I can say for sure what is being forced upon many Americans is not Socialism, but is in fact Communism. I would also say that Communism is apparent in Canada as well, but most Canadians are already brainwashed Socialists so it doesn't affect them.

At the same time, Russia, now a thriving Capitalist Republic, instead of a suffering Communist republic, is looking more and more like a Conservative / Republican friendly place. A place where family values are still enforced. A place where laws are still enforced. And what about a place where Christians still make up 90% of the population. If you can wrap your head around the fact that Russia today is far different than the Soviet Russian which was our dark enemy during the cold war, then maybe you can respect their place in the world.

I mean yes, back in the Soviet days, even tho they had just endured a huge famine during the 1920'tys, they still knocked the Nazi's back, sacrificing so many more lives to do so, but it was truly the Russians who won World War 2 on the European front. And they are working on doing it all over again in Ukraine, battling the far Right fascists which were forced into power there by American influences such as Victoria Nuland and Obama and Biden... And I do hope they are successful at killing all of those Nazi's.

But what about the Communists here at home? It is obvious Communism didn't work in Russia. Famine, depression, loss of work. loss of land and property. A lot of people suffered. And for what? So that people might be possibly considered equal? It doesn't work like that. It didn't there, and it won't here. I am however afraid that the United States might end up like the Soviet Union. People are already suffering under Biden, and the workings of a famine are upon us. It almost seems as tho they are setting the table so to speak, for a famine.

Many people are talking. So many people have all these ideas on how they will try to survive and fight for their 'rights'. But here is a communist country, you have no rights anymore. You must suffer for the good of the masses.

But yes, I have been wondering what it would take to kind of bring the 'patriots' together. How do patriots form a secure network, which includes checks and balances and a voting system nationwide to ensure that if control needs to be asserted, that it is done so, by the civilian militia, in a manner which is effective? We don't need single people or groups running around with guns threatening people. That will never be effective. Neither will a protest or demonstration to occupy a single building or location.

If shit really needed to hit the fan, I would think a planned re-occupation of a whole state's infrastructure would be needed. Everything from the Government offices, to the Court Houses, and ensuring the police and state guard in turn respect the new leadership change. It is best not to do this in a violent manner, but to do so in a methodical manner. Change locks / install new door access systems, collect personal property of the former employees which aren't willing to co-operate, and deliver it to them. Continue payrolls for employees. And likely fund the whole thing with cash because you know that any bank accounts will be frozen.

Such a move state by state might, just might help drain the swamp. But that swamp goes deep. And those rotting tree limbs have a long reach.

We shall see what happens this Fall. If the elections look fixed, I am sure something will happen. If something doesn't happen, then this nation deserves what it gets. And at that point I may look into seeing if there are good Jobs in Russia which are hiring. lol. I sure as heck won't go back to Canada. As far as I am concerned, Canada is very screwed. And the United States will be too, if this all keeps up.

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