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Obviously this didn't play out this way, which shows me how powerful the controlling parties are. I am however thankful that nothing bad happened, and that we can now carry on with normal life, and not have to be exposed to constant harassment of Trump, and Republicans. At least I hope... Tho, it would be nice to see Biden and family treated with the same scrutiny, but we know that wouldn't happen as he is part of the system.

There are some very interesting things going on in the world right now. A lot of it is obfuscated by the media's general lack of legitimate coverage.

In Europe and some other places around the world, the active in-power governments are resigning, being asked to resign and/or leaving power in many countries outside of a normal election cycle. The Netherlands, Italy, Germany!... The Canadian government is under scrutiny for their involvement with China (even letting Chinese forces into Canada - right now on the ground there are thousands of Chinese troops in Canada, being trained in winter combat operations as I understand). It isn't just bad in the United States right now.

But is all really as it seems? Right now the propagated message in the United States is that the public is fighting against the public. But in reality I don't see that. Yes there are some crazy people on both sides who have taken things hook line and sinker. But most people are just going about their lives.

There are some suggesting that the United States is in a sort of soft Martial Law right now. I don't buy that either. If anything Canada, and parts of Europe are. But not here. We have more crazy people roaming the streets, who really should be incarcerated these days than ever before. The police won't touch them. We have criminals being asked nicely to essentially 'turn themselves in', and allowed to run loose. So no, I don't see Martial Law here in NY.

I have talked to many people around the country, and there is a lot of action going on with the military right now. Large troop movements. Even fighter jets being re-positioned and remaining very active, on a high state of alert. If you are worried about the civilians, you aren't going to be keeping fighter jets in the sky 24/7. Not drones, not helicopters, not surveilance planes... Stealth fighter jets! Those are used for very specific roles, and none of those roles should ever involve being used against Civilians. Sure we have 10,000 troops at the Capitol right now too, but what if the primary motive behind that wasn't for civilians?

Our country is surrounded by 7 American aircraft carriers. 5 Traditional carriers, and 2 Helicopter carriers. The US State Department has issued articles condemning China, and warning Americans of China's threat.

There are a few higher level people talking about a couple major operations or possibilities. One is that the West Coast, and a few New England states will try to succeed from the union when Trump overthrows the election, legally, and the military is being positioned to bring those states back in line. Another, and I think a more possible event might be that there is a credible threat from China. Some higher level individuals have come out and directly said that there is a great cause for concern right now of a pending Chinese invasion and attack on our homeland, especially if the election switches to favor Trump.

There are of course some generals who have come out and taken a Democratic stance too. So we may end up seeing a civil war. But I think the more likely scenario will be that a lot of the people involved in the conspiracy to rig the elections, including Biden himself, will be arrested by the Military. This will cause an outcry, and maybe some media outlets will have to be taken off the air. This in turn may cause China to decide to attack to 'protect' our democracy. And perhaps the UN as well! Which we will defend in a shooting war. And so begins the hot phase of WW3.

There will be operatives. People who seem to be 'civilians' who will try to cause more mayhem. Keep in mind, this is mostly meant as a distraction. Something to make the administration look bad. But overall, I don't think that civilians should worry too much, as Democrat or Republican, unless you have taken a violent action against the government (or other civilians), I imagine daily life will try to resume as flawlessly as possible, even if there is a active shooting war in parts of the country. Maybe local lockdowns for safety, but... This won't be a war against the civilians.

Remember, the Police, and Soldiers all take the same oath. To uphold and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There is a lot of shit that has been going down, and a lot of bad players. But there are also 2 realities. There is the reality of the Left and the Reality of the Right. But which one aligns more closely with true American Values and the Constitution? Hey, maybe the Left believes they do, and maybe this all will be in an effort to oust those horrible patriot Trump supporters. But then why stage defensive measures to protect from China, and oversee the states who have threatened to succeed? You'd think they'd be massing forces in the heartland if that was the case.

Just my thoughts as we approach these interesting times.

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