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This is the true definition of insanity. If we allow, what is essentially, a strain of the COMMON COLD, to shut down society as we know it. What is next?

SARS-COV2 (COVID-19) is not serious to the general population, unless you are asian or have a compromised immune system, or breathing issues. But hey, neither is the Flu, or any illness really.

Let us examine the facts.

1. Coronavirus is one of the common cold viruses.
2. SARS-COV2 doesn't seem to effect younger people or healthier people.
3. SARS-COV2 doesn't severely effect people of European genes.
4. Interviews, with people who have or had SARS-COV2 suggest that the extent of their symptoms were a minor irritation, a little cough, and a minor fever.
5. Yes, people have died because of complications associated with catching the virus. But this is nothing new. People die from pneumonia caused by intense colds and flu on a regular basis. In most every case these are people with compromised breathing issues already.
6. Yes, Asians have died too. But there is no reports as to the vector information of these patients in terms of their age, and health condition and history.
7. Of people who have been tested, only 1% to 0.1% of those tested end up being fatal cases. The important thing to note is "Of people who have been tested". The symptoms are so weak for most people that most people won't get tested, or don't get tested, or haven't even thought about being tested. So if you take a very liberal stance on that and imagine that for every one person tested, 4 others may have the virus, but haven't sought testing, or have been refused testing. Then the fatality figures fall in line with the common flu. But it is more likely that more people have had the virus, than those estimates.
8. Read the white papers. Look up the actual disease vectors. Examine the 'facts'.... Not just what social media and the news is telling you.

Now for the fun part...

9. Event 201, which was a hypothetical table top, worst case scenario drill done by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was played out in October 2019. It outlines a global pandemic of a coronavirus outbreak, which crippled society. This event had a globalist undertone, and the recommendations were globalist focused.
10. This is an election year.
11. The Globalists, are also in most cases Democrats.
12. This is a great way to test the ability to control a population.

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