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I think the most interesting way someone has described me lately is using the term incubus.  I kinda looked at them and was like, 'uh, what?'  "That's what you are, you can get any girl into bed with you..."   'yeah, okay, but an incubus is a demon with evil intentions...   I don't really think I am evil, am I?'   "No"  'So then how can I be an incubus?'  "You could be a good demon?"

~raises eyebrows~  okay...    well I know I am a flirt, and a tease.  And I know what to say or type to get a girl going.  And I am not reserved at all when it comes to saying what I want, when I want, to whom I want.   So yeah...  but a demon?  ha!

I do not really have negative thoughts, or wish to cause harm or problems for anyone specifically.  So while I do tease and flirt, its mostly my way of getting to know someone.  In my opinion, you don't get to know someone talking about the weather.  Break through their protective bubble and introduce yourself.  Be yourself...   don't be ashamed of who you are, and most importantly; give as much if not more then you ask for or take in a conversation.

Anyhow, I wanted to share a music video I have been enjoying lately...

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