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Woot Woot! is back online. I want to thank my previous host for several years of flawless service. The reason the website went down was mostly my fault for not reading the fine print and not doing my research. My previous provider offered me a deal on a microsoft hosting package so I took it. But alas that package didnt offer MySQL database compatibility and all my websites use MySQL. I am sure I could of converted to Microsoft's access database, but I am just so used to the old SQL way of doing things, and too lazy to really want to upgrade. That being said I am still looking for work. Sadly our plans of buying a house have been put on hold for now. We are both now looking for work, and we have expanded our horizions back into Canada. Canada, I may be coming home sooner then expected! Seems like such a waste to come down here, go thru 3 years of paperwork to become a legal American citizen, and then I can't find work and might end up going back to Canada.

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