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Yay! It is just around the corner! End of this month / early May I should be in my new house!

It is kind of hard to believe, really. Almost surreal. I know that I can't stop thinking about how to set up my home network, and what I will be able to afford to do right away, and what projects I should focus on.

At the moment the key things are to find a Stove, Fridge, Washer and Dryer. A Master Bed is also required, as is a smaller guest Bed. And a dresser unit for myself.

Couches and other furnishings should be taken care of, but a TV for entertaining guests and relaxing may need to be purchased eventually.

A number of small projects need to be completed...

Likely the first project is the transformation of a basement cold cellar into a secure server room for my file server and network hub. The 'Secure' part likely wont come anytime soon, but the wiring and rough in work likely will be done right away. I will purchase a few boxes of network cable and run runs to various parts of the house. Most importantly being Nightbird's office, my Office, the Bedroom, the Kitchen, the Bathroom, and the Garage! Will also likely run a cable to the apartment which we may offer free internet on.

I will likely have the cable modem located down there, along with the network routers and switch. The wireless networks will be reconfigured to act purely as access points off of the switch.

The Garage feed will involve digging a trench, and that may not get done this year... But I want to do it right by running conduit and then pulling the cable through the conduit.

After the network is up, it is time to focus on cleaning out the garage, and deciding how to arrange things there. Perhaps do a little work on the Jeep as well - since it kind of needs a bit of attention.

My Train Layout and Office area will likely be put on the back burner until the cooler weather hits. Besides the train layout will likely take months to plan. My office will likely be set up with a desk so I can relax and play games before bed, but otherwise its full eventual functionality as a gaming center / ham shack will likely not be realized until well into next year.

I do however wish to get some base station antennas installed on the roof prior to the winter, but unsure at this point how to go about doing that.

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