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I happened across a single vehicle accident on the I-190 the other night in Buffalo, NY. Another volunteer was already on scene, using his personal vehicle to protect and warn traffic that there was a damaged vehicle in the center lane. The vehicle involved in the accident had heavy front end damage, and couldn't be moved, so it was a bit of a tricky situation. I am sure that volunteer was on edge the whole time he was sitting there watching trucks barreling down towards him from behind.

I parked on the shoulder with my lights on, and lit a few road flares. I set one up about 150ft ahead of the accident in the center lane. I then proceeded to hold one of the flares and use my flashlight to direct traffic to slow down, and move to the right. Traffic was light, but the roads were wet, and due to the light traffic, everyone approaching the scene was traveling at full speed, and not expecting the center lane to be blocked. There were many close calls, which I feel I had a hand in preventing those close calls from being even worse situations. In one instance, my flare was even hit, but I would rather a flare hit, than a person.


(Photo after lane was cleared)


In the end I was thanked by the Officers, and told that they appreciated my help. It has been a while since I assisted on a scene. Always a good feeling. Good Karma :) Considering I have been kind of down as of late, and a bit lonely, this really helped my spirits out.

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