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Happy New Years!!!

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Well I must say, this has been the most enjoyable holiday season I have had in a long time. The chance to get up and see my family and friends for Christmas was very nice indeed. This year has been a tough year at times for me. It has also been a very interesting and joyful year at times. The past year started off with myself finally getting my U.S. Resident status. Thus the epic job hunt began. Nightbird and myself also started the year off by looking to purchase a house. Sadly that never happened, but it is likely for the better at this point seeming as I still can't find a job. In February I met up with Kelly, and we hit it off. The feeling of love was strong and kept me afloat for the next few months. I became more involved with a clan called FLC on Team Fortress 2 and began running their server. I became less involved with WoW, eventually quitting all together, only to find out my account was stolen. I got my account returned, but still have not returned myself. The adventure into the polyamorous world has been an interesting twist this year. I must say that it is not as easy as I thought it would be. I know that this lifestyle rubs a few people the wrong way, but it is what it is. I do love my wife very much, and I consider myself a lot closer to her now then I was before. In August I was accepted into the Firehall. Since then my life has had a bit more direction then it has in the recent past. I am now a firefighter! And it gave me an excuse to get out and do things and feel like an active member of society again. With all that time being devoted towards the firehall, a 2nd relationship (i.e. polyamorous) was taking its toll on me. I sadly had to break that relationship off :( But in the end, I think the outcome was better off for Kelly. :) Her and I are still close, and good friends, which I am super happy with. I ended 2009 with a cold :( But I still attended a new years party at the fire hall, then came back home before midnight and worked on setting up a 2nd server for the FLC Clan, as my gift to them. I still have yet to find a job however, and my hopes are dwindling. Seriously, if any of you readers here know of a job opening, let me know. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2010! I hope it will find people in better circumstances across the board.

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