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I wasn't quite sure what this day would bring. The day started off dreary, with some rain and no real plan. I am also a little on edge thinking about my iSCSI file server which upon the windows update, somehow got corrupted. I am hoping I can get that set back up without any data loss. But I am patiently waiting some assistance or advice on that matter.

I decided to thus spend the time being productive with my hands today instead of on a computer, or in the house where I can faintly hear the iSCSI storage array beeping it's cry in the basement. So I ended up installing a new battery in my Journey, which was very much needed.

I then took a drive. At first I went North, into Niagara Falls, and ended up at a Five Guys. I do enjoy their burgers, and it has been a long while since I had one.

One thing I noticed in Five Guys was a lady who entered, who was quite attractive looking. She ordered a whole bunch of stuff, so I figured she was a mom, and had a family to feed. She was alone so, surely she wasn't going to eat all that! After getting my order I left and sat in my car to eat. Meanwhile I eventually saw her struggle out of the place, carrying about 3 large greasy bags. She made her way towards a waiting car and her husband (I suppose) got out and opened the passenger door for her. Hmm... That dude was just sitting in the car the whole time. He couldn't of gone in there to place the order with her and help her carry it out? 'Douchebag' came to mind.

And that made me think a little bit about how all the douches seem to get the hot chicks? Do hot chicks like being treated like an object?

Anyhow... I still wasn't sure to do. It was about 5pm, and I was still restless and bored. So I drove.


There are a few girls on my mind, and funnily enough Take it Easy came on the radio at this time. The numbers in the song probably add up too... But, I am pondering if I will ever find someone that will be special to me again? Meh... Take it easy! Just relax and do your own thing, is what I told myself.

So many fakes, and cheats and liars out there. Not to mention the scammers. But as I drove South along Hwy 16, through South Wales, and Holland, I wondered to myself "Self? How many of these families in these small houses, on this quiet Sunday night, are actually happy together?".

In Holland I did see what I figured was a happy couple. An elderly couple crossed the road in front of me at the intersection - going on an evening walk perhaps?

In Holland I also began to plot a course. See, there is a girl out towards Jamestown who I have been curious about. But I did catch her in several lies, and probably the most significant of which is that she is still married - not widowed as she said. In Holland the thought crossed my mind to head out towards Jamestown. Or, do I turn East and plot a course home, via Hwy 77? Ya know what... I've never traveled up Hwy 77, so let's do it!


I ended up stopping along Chaffee Road to take some pics of the setting sun too!

The trip was actually pretty interesting, and inspired me to look into a new routine of going for a country drive on the weekends. Would probably make for some good stories! And maybe somewhere along the line, just like the song, I'll end up finding my special someone out there somewhere.

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