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Several structures and several hundred vehicles were damaged or destroyed in Toronto on Thursday Evening. With the late rush hour crowd headed home from work, several funnel clouds touched down in York Region, and Durham. One person, possibly a child is confirmed dead in the Town of Durham. Witness reports and video suggest that there was at least 2 tornados in Vaughan. A third was seen up in Newmarket, and caused a few hundred people at an equestrian event to run for cover as it touched down on the grounds and started flipping cars around. A fourth tornado hit the Town of Durham and then later touched down in the Blue Mountian area north of Barrie. There are reports of other funnel clouds in the area as well. Environment Canada has confirmed that tornados did indeed touch down. Tornados this close to Toronto are not unheard of, but they are rare. So rare that people still talk about a tornado that hit a racetrack in Barrie about 20 years ago. People will be talking about these tornados for years to come. I only wish I was there to help out.

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