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I sit here in Buffalo, NY scrolling around in google maps, and I am forced to recall some of the great memories and fun times I have had driving around Ontario. I would have to say my favorite spot is likely Whitney, Ontario, a small town nestled in the corner of Algonquin Park. Why Whitney? Well its not because of the park... Although that is a bonus! The Whitney Diner, a small gas station / diner, is the best place to eat in Central Ontario, hands down. If you drive through Whitney, be sure to stop there. The Mad Musher across the street is alright, and has wifi for those city dwellers who require connections to the internets 24/7. But the Whitney Diner is where it is at! A road trip to Whitney is totally worth it for that!


Another epic road trip involved staying at the Arrowhead Park Motel, or something like that, in Huntsville. Anyhow that was a fun trip. I remember wandering down the road at 3 am with my buddy Jeff, in the middle of winter on a wonderful clear, not too cold night, looking at the stars!. When I was younger, I used to enjoy the road trips to my uncles cottage on Stony Lake, in the Kawarthas. That route we usually took to get there, along Hwy 7 eastbound all the way, was engraved in my head. Years later when I got my own car, I would sometimes drive out there just for the drive. That encouraged me to find random sideroads and see where they went, and at the age of 21, I had already driven on many of the sideroads in South, Central Ontario. I highly encourage people to go out driving, just for the sake of driving. Bring a MAP, and a compass. NO GPS! This will help you learn how to get around. 2006.04.16%20-%20North%20Bay%20Roadtrip%20-%20Big%20Nickle%20%28Jeff%20and%20Roadwolf%29%20Shocker%203%20sm.jpg In 2006, I took a trip with Jeff and Jolie to Sudbury and North Bay. That was good times! We stopped at the Big Nickle, and then headed East to North Bay. That was a fun day trip, and with 2 people driving it wasn't so bad.

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