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Good Friends

Through the years I have made many many friends over the internet. In fact, it has historically been the most common place where I would end up making new friends. It is also the medium which I tend to use to keep in touch with those friends. Indeed, I am not alone in this. Many people rely on the internet to make friends, and for some, it is their only means to make friends. This becomes a problem when we are too scared to step out of the digital world, and meet those friends face to face.

I tend not to have that issue as far as I can gather. I have met many friends from my online world, in person. It is not something I am shy about. My issue isn't so much being shy, and not wanting to meet someone, but rather the distance between good friends which makes meeting them difficult. I can see in a way why the No Borders No Nations movement exists. Most involved in that movement, likely have friends and loved ones overseas. The internet has made long distance relationships a very real possibility. I discussed in a previous post, about the differences of dating now, compared to the ages before such easy communication.

I wanted to share a sweet letter (back when people actually wrote letters) that I recent found in some old boxes of belongings I was going through. This letter is from a dear friend of mine named Diana. I met her in Yahoo Chat in the early 2000's. The letter seemed very typical of the situations I have been running into lately, and in that sense proved a tad ironic, that I am still running into the distance issue, after all this time. But at the same time, I do believe that many of my friends would agree upon me being a sweet and caring friend.

Diana sadly never did visit Toronto. Between her Schooling, and life, and lack of money on both of our parts, we never did meet. Eventually she found a local boy, and he got her pregnant... Last I heard she was out in the New England area.

This letter inspired some thought in me, and made me realize that life is short, and friendships can be very fleeting if they aren't nurtured and pursued. Something to think about.

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