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It has been a while since the days when I used to go camping seemingly every other weekend. I am in the middle of prepping for a camping trip as I write this. One thing that I notice is different about camping now, is that I am not as big of a risk taker as I one was. I realized this yesterday when I was concerned about a little oil leaking from my Jeep. I took it to my mechanic (back in the day I would of just jacked it up myself and looked at it) and it was just a minor issue which he said could wait. But it is still kinda funny to note that I was concerned.

When I was younger and more adventurous I would of just said fuck it, and gone tear-assing around with parts falling off of my vehicle, and just dealt with any issues as they came up. I imagine I am more grown up and responsible now. It is kinda scary to think that I might actually be getting old!

So we aren't going camping in any undeveloped logging road, in the middle of nowhere. No, we will settle for the Ham Shocker's favorite camping site in a developed but still very natural campground. I will post more about it once I return from the trip.

Of course there will be booze drinking and hiking and ham radio operation. All the fun stuff associated with a typical camping trip. But this time it will just be the wife and I. We are bringing our laptops and plan on playing Minecraft on a wireless router in the evenings, and maybe even Civ V if we can get a non internet LAN game working. Hardly camping, but still a nice relaxing vacation.

So I will likely not be posting in the next few days, but feel free to browse the new site, and theme, and explore the archives. I am sure you will find something interesting!

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