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Game: Carrier Command 2

Carrier Command 2 is a great game that I found on Steam. It is a throwback to a classic retro game.

To make it even better, it is multiplayer capable.


ISR = Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (Which is operational active scouting)
AG = Air to Ground ops. (Using vehicles equipted with IR Missiles, Guns and Bombs against identified ground targets)
ASW = Anti-Ship Warfare (Air vehicles equipted for naval warfare - torpedos, countermeasures, and missiles.)
AA = Anti-Air operations (Using vehicles equipted for anti-aircraft warfare).

BOGEY = Contact whose identity is unknown.

BANDIT = Confirmed Hostile

HOT - Moving towards friendlies.

COLD - Moving away.

Splash = Weapons Impact (AG) - Target Destroyed (AA)

Fox (number)
ONE - semiactive radar-guided missile.
TWO - infrared-guided missile.
THREE - active radar-guided missile.

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