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I have been told by my wife specifically, that my website is getting a tad dated. It is time for a change. Personally I kind of enjoy this darker theme, but I guess it isn't too enjoyable for others? I don't know. I really haven't heard feedback about it, so I have no idea what you, the readers, think. You could of course comment and suggest things... I would love to hear from ya.

Anyhow, I have been thinking of some new ideas, and I have devised a much more modern, clean template. This website will be completely recoded using wordpress as a base, and hacking it to mold it into my new empire of websites. The blog will remain and the same links and stories will also remain. However I do plan on incorporating a Flash intro page for the blog for people coming to it direct (typing into their browser). The flash page will allow you to log into your account easily, and also ask for your DOB as I generally consider some content on this site Adult (tho most of that is password protected).

With that in mind, I may also build a adult site... I just thought of that now as I was writing this. It is tempting, but I know there are some legalities and taxes to pay, so I dunno.

The main goal is to build a new social networking website, similar to Facebook, called Encrypted Social. It will be an encrypted networking site for those paranoid about their privacy. I also wish to work on a small emergency vehicle lighting store, which will sell LED warning lights at discount prices. I also plan on building a website to control my model railroad remotely. Authorized users can log in, and control the trains, and the switches and signals from a web based interface. There will also be streaming video so people can watch the trains in action.

Sound cool?

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