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I am writing this article in hopes that people I care for, read it, and can at least respect my choices for being what they are.

2020 has been a heck of an odd year. I won't bore anyone too much, or attempt to lecture in this post. But for the record, I am convinced that our favorite virus this year, is just a mutated flu like cold virus, and its lethality isn't really anything to be concerned about, and is easily comparable to a bad flu year. I do fully believe, after listening to many medical professionals, who have been silenced themselves, that this has been a campaign by - as crazy as it seems - a Globalist, socialist, agenda, intent on global change, in co-ordination with UN's Agenda 21, and 2030 programs.

It is for this reason that I am still a valiant supporter of Trump, as I believe local and national culture is much better, than a globally controlled population. I do believe Trump still will be President, legally. I am positive that the Election was rigged. Even in this normally very blue county I am in, more people out on the street - including people of color - talk highly of Trump.

I am confident that all of Trump's RECORD number of votes, were legit. I am also confident that Biden... a senile man, who can't even talk without making a gaff, didn't even campaign or outline any of his policy prior to the election - nor answered any questions about what his policy might be, and who is practically a pedophile who used to take inappropriate showers with his own Daughter (by her own account in her diary) - lost by lot.

And no, it isn't just because Trump says so. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't just take anyone's word for something. If I am going to form a hard stance on something, it is because I have seen it for myself, and know it is undeniable. If I was only 95% sure, I wouldn't have such a stance. Trump is stepping up against a powerful foe, as noted above. And I am prepared to fight for that, to support Trump and the American values. I also know that I am not alone.

I do NOT trust the media. I do NOT trust PR people, and executives who push agendas. Sure, many people in those positions might be taking stances based on what they are expected to say, or because they have been groomed or sculpted to take those viewpoints. And many of them may fully believe it is the right and truthful stance based upon the culture and authorized news feeds that they are exposed to. But true, honest, unbiased reporting doesn't really exist in mainstream any longer, because it is dangerous to the Globalist end-game. A lot of people just like money too, and will read the script regardless of what it says. Does "V for Vendetta" sound familiar?

Now, to the meat of the post. I have been very Frustrated by people who are so blind to this, or so aligned in the opposing manner, that they can not even accept or respect these viewpoints. Censorship (Deleting posts that they post on my Facebook page is included in that, sis), is a huge tell, in my mind, of a Socialist system/agenda at play. I have tried to inform people, and help open their eyes, but I really don't think I have been too pushy about it. I keep in my own space. That being said, it still does frustrate me when I see people I love, and consider dear to me, completely disregarding me for a quack, and ignoring me. But at the same time, that only tells me one thing. They are beyond help, and they probably think the same of me. So, fine. The line is drawn, and I won't be trying to maintain ties with them any longer.

I figure, people know where I am, and how to get ahold of me. Yeah, I might not be the easiest to get ahold of on the telephone, but I will answer if someone is persistent enough. I guess I just need to remember that I can't help anyone who isn't willing to help themselves.

This brings me to Facebook. Facebook has shadow banned a few of my recent posts. Nope... Not gonna stand for that. So, yeah, Facebook will be gone soon enough. Other social media outlets may also be on the chopping block. Twitter next! I was recently suspended on twitter! Surprise surprise. I retweeted a video on twitter of a bunch of Trump supporters having a good, fun time, in the street, all being happy. The video made me happy. And then replied to someone who was saying they hope they all get COVID and die, by saying "I've had COVID, it wasn't bad, I'd get it again." And boom... Instantly twitter suspended my account. (It is totally okay to wish death on Trump supporters tho... But just don't challenge such a post with a post that neutralizes their hopes and dreams).

So where to find me? Well, here of course! And also on Gab, Parler and No Agenda Social (You will likely need a special invite from me to get onto No Agenda Social, but it is a great balanced service) will likely be my main social media accounts going forward.

I still maintain Discord as my primary communication tool, which can be installed on any device, and acts like a chat program, similar to Skype (you can voice call, video call, or text - totally free). My name there is SirRoadwolf#0972 or you can simply click on this link and join my personal server:

So, now that you know where to find me. That will be the only way to get in touch with me, beyond my phone number (which isn't the best choice most of the time, as my phone is often on silent or not nearby).

I will say that other than being concerned for those I care about, I am otherwise doing well. I am surviving, and happily enough moving forward with my life. I am still debating if I would rather be a father by now, or not. I am not sure this is the best time to raise a family, but at the same time, I kinda do want to have a child with someone who loves me (if I can find someone who wants that sort of commitment and loving bond). But... that is beyond the scope of this post. That is about the only thing in life I haven't really satisfied in my life goals so far, so... Yeah, I am doing well. :)

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