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Growing up in Canada, I was raised in a socialist society. While School was generally not overly politically bias, it did indeed have its moments. I recall during the Quebec Referendum while I was in Grade School, my class was preached propaganda by our teacher. I also recall serious misgivings about a Conservative (Mike Harris) being elected in as Ontario's Premier. The teachers union was unhappy about his budget cuts, and the unrest lasted the rest of my time in School. The teachers would often hold walkouts or short Strikes, and when they were not striking, they would be preaching to us about the reasons they needed to strike. Some more than others...

I grew up with a Liberal / Left mindset. For a while, I really believed I was a liberal. "Freedom and peace for all", "Open borders" and a world government sounded good to me. I was also sheltered in the cultural melting pot which was the Greater Toronto Area. Where so many cultures mixed, and it seemed that it was a truly world class city, representative of every other race, creed, nationality, and religion.

When 9-11 happened, and the Twin Towers fell, is when I began becoming confused. The Americans were attacking Iraq, when it was fairly clear that Iraq wasn't responsible. It was also fairly clear that the reasons for the war were manufactured. What was going on? Was this all Bush's fault? Seemed odd that all this happened during the first little bit of his presidency.

Bush was replaced by Obama eventually. By this time, I had married an American, and had moved to Buffalo, NY. I was happy to see a minority win the American election, and was inspired by his message of 'Yes We Can'. I then watched for several years, as the racial divide in the United States of America seemed to grow farther apart, and not bind together as I figured might happen. Again, I was confused.

One defining moment for me came after playing some global political strategy games on my computer: Supreme Ruler, and Europa Universalis IV. In both games, I tried to conquer the world as a super state, with a left leaning focus. Eventually, I was able to, but only after cheating and printing a ton of fake money, and lowering taxes to nothing, while increasing spending on social services and police enforcement as high as they could go. Essentially creating a police state, which was funded by printed money...

It wasn't the games themselves that ended up being the defining moment, but rather the inspiration for a story I began to write. The story, called "A Soldiers Tale" was to follow the life of a soldier, whom was on a 'peacekeeping and unifying' mission, working its way from the Southern United States border, down towards Brazil, swallowing up the independence of every county along the way. The premise was that, because diplomatic methods failed, the United States had to enforce unity, with the backing of a globalist focused United Nations. And so, Armies marched south... As I explored the concept of this storyline, I began to realize how incredibly difficult such an undertaking would be. The Hearts and Minds - the national pride of the populations - would be in favor if their former ways in many cases. The story eventually came to a point where the populations began to rebel, and my main character had to fight back against children, and women... It was then, when I decided to stop writing this story. It was then, that I realized globalism would never work.

Our unique cultures and national identities are what help keep us unique. They also protect us from cultural threats. Abusive cultures which destroy modern society and values, in place of their own. No... Our borders, and the borders of every country are there for a reason, and should be respected. Ignoring them is very ignorant and lacks foresight. It seems that history isn't really pushed hard enough in schools these days, for had I studied various historical events properly, I might of realized why borders were important. But, that is our liberal - one world government - focused education system at play.

Following this realization, I became a more proactive listener of a podcast called "No Agenda". The No Agenda Show, attempts to stay centered and objective, and analyzes the news, and current events. They also do some investigative reporting, and tend to get to the root of the issues. Often reporting truths many months before those truths are eventually revealed as facts on Mainstream Media... Tho in many cases, the original false narrative for those stories, stays on record as being the 'truth' people believe. (See Mandella Effect).

No Agenda helped clear up a lot of my past confusion. Things began to make sense. And the more I looked into things on my own, the more I saw that a Mild Right leaning stance politically, is likely where I would place myself.

I believe that the Liberals do try to use the school system to try to spread propaganda to the young minds. But I also believe, that in most cases that only causes confusion. Far too often today, we see students being abused and taken advantage of by Liberal handlers, to spread messages they truly do not understand the reasoning behind. It is sad that these young minds are being used this way. It is sad that a political party must resort to this, and also must resort to busing in voters, and illegal immigrants to jack their numbers up at the polls.

Today I look at some of the more Liberal states, provinces, and cities in North America and I shake my head. Liberalism is a socialist-marxist disorder, which really doesn't work. It relies on fear, lies, corruption and propaganda to maintain its effect. And the result isn't good for the average person. I recently re-took the same test that I had taken before, and came up with a different response. I am now a 'Country First Conservative'. In 2013 I took the test, as noted here and was identified as a Liberatrian, which is still mostly Republican leaning.

Sure, the Right has its dirty characters as well, but it doesn't seem like they are quite as dirty and underhanded as the Left. No one is perfect, indeed. But I would much rather have an honest businessman, than a dishonest politician (and let's face it, most politicians are dishonest at some level), in the Whitehouse.

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