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I must suggest a very cool web comic to anyone who has an interest in technology, science, or whom is a furry.

Freefall is a story of Sam Starfall, an alien squid-like creature who is a failed space ship captain. Lazy, and of a criminal background, he schemes his way into becoming the 'owner' of a genetically modified wolf/human, which becomes his new ship Engineer. Florence Ambrose, the wolf, or DOGGY as the robots call her, is genetically programmed to be honest, and obey orders. Her and Sam Starfall couldn't be further from being polar opposites. However that being said, they each find each others abilities useful at times, especially once Florence uncovers some serious global problems and goes on a mission to solve them.

The web comic is updated 3 times a week.

This is the start:

It eventually is converted into color.


"Always at Work" by Banderi Fursec

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