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There are some serious flaws in our medical system right now. For context, I wasn't feeling super great yesterday. At first I figured it was the weather - the dampness making me sore and achey. No, as I was getting ready for bed, it had developed quickly into a splitting headache, chills and fever, and an upset tummy. Instantly, once I got the upset tummy, I was like. FLU!

Luckily I had some TamiFlu in stock in my medicine cabinet, from the last time I had flu like symptoms and was prescribed it. So I took a dose right away. At the time I had a splitting headache, and was shaking with chills and extremely achey. No lie, in 20 minutes, I was feeling better enough to comfortably fall asleep.

So I had beaten back the Flu. Given my body a chance to fight it. Now, time to get a new supply of TamiFlu. So I called my doctor.

At this point it was afternoon the next day. I had taken a 2nd dose of TamiFlu already, and I was feeling pretty good considering. I was on hold for about an hour and a half, before finally getting thru and requesting Tamiflu, explaining the symptoms and situation. The call taker said they had never heard of anyone requesting Tamiflu... Oh?

So a Nurse calls me back and says my practitioner suggests I get a COVID test to confirm. I said, I believe I already had COVID in early January. Everyone around me had it, and if I tested now, I would show positive. I also have been already taking Tamiflu - that is expired and old - but it is working with great effect. So it isn't Coronavirus, as that doesn't work with Coronavirus. Oh, was the reply.

After another call, they said okay, you have the RX.

This this outlines a major flaw in modern medicine. TamiFlu needs to be administered within 48 hours of the first symptoms to be effective against the Flu. If you have to wait for the results of a PCR test which they recommended, it would push you beyond that 48 hour mark. Meanwhile you are suffering. And on top of that, sure, many people who get the Flu also get coronavirus along side it, because it is a common winter ailment. So you will test positive, and then you will be treated as a COVID patient or death, as opposed to a recovering flu patient.

When doctors begin allowing computers, care protocols and insurance protocols to direct them like robots, they loose any forward thinking. Listening to the patient is sometimes the best thing a doctor can do. In my case, I was able to convince them of my needs, and stand firm.

Now, I will admit, sometimes I am wrong about my own conditions - We sometimes think the worst about what is happening to us. This time I wasn't. The fact that Tamiflu worked so quickly tells me it was for sure the Flu.

I have a fresh RX of TamiFlu now. It is great stuff!

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