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Welp, my first official fire drill was lastnight. What an experience that was! I learn't a lot, and actually got to fight a car fire right off the bat. I felt kind of like I was tossed into the scene, and was told to put it out quick, but there was very little instruction as to what I should be doing, whos on the hose, whos grabbing the tools, etc... So I just grabbed the hose and went. One of the Officers was beside me showing me what to do once we started approaching. All in all, it wasn't too bad, although I decided that my twice a week visits to the gym are going to be required for sure. Towards the end of the attack, I was so exhausted from wrestling with the hose, that I was getting a little weak. I didn't mind the sweating in the hot bunker gear. Fact is, I could stand to loose a few pounds through sweat :) All in all, I did learn a lot. It was overall a very exciting and fun experience, and the guys are great. Cant wait for next drill.

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