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First Douchebag (kukuruku) Encounter in Arma 3


Arma is is an amazing game, with a lot of depth and strategy involvement. It has its downsides, one of which is that you tend to need to learn how to micro manage your AI team mates fairly well, as they are not quite as smart as humans (luckily for us, right?). But its upsides, offer an amazingly realistic gameplay experience.

I was having such an experience yesterday. Testing out a new build of the BECTI game mode, I have been editing and tweaking, I had put in almost a full days work into capturing towns, and building up OPFOR's side. I had many memorable battles with the Independent faction, which holds the islands towns by default. The server I run, and play on, does get a fair trickle of players in, whom typically tend to choose BLUFOR team (The 'good' guys). This is why I typically join OPFOR, to offer some balance.

Anyhow, my friends and I had decided that a long drawn out, land campaign against BLUFOR would be more fun, as opposed to just finding their base and taking them out with long range artillery. All through the day, BLUFOR was populated by a few players, whom seemed to be playing there for quite a while. They were killing a lot of people, but also dying a lot. Dying more than I! And yeah, I tend to die a lot. But in any case, I figured they were progressing.

Later in the evening I finally began to push into BLUFOR's side of the island, but... Nothing, just more Independent troops? Hmm, I knew where their base was because I had initially made it to test the new build out, but I had hoped that they had relocated and build more bases by now. They really should of had those towns I moved into. So, slightly concerned, I purchased a few UAV's (Drones) to scout the enemy territory.

From overhead, I saw that the Independent army still controlled every town, and while there was a BLUFOR player playing at the time, there seemed to be little to no BLUFOR activity. I thought to myself... 'ut oh, uh, they need some help.'

So I switched over to BLUFOR to see what was going on. Indeed the base was just as I had left it. Their sole outpost on the island. The nearby towns were hostile, and indeed, I was shot and killed, by walking towards the crest of a ridge only 100ft from where I spawned in. So, I decided to take command, and help them out. I began running a few upgrades, which helps assure their ability to fight, and began helping the BLUFOR player capture some towns. Within a short period of time we had successfully captured about 7 towns, and the BLUFOR presence was growing. It was almost time to move the base and establish a new one.

Then, a player named kukuruku joined the server. I have seen this player before. He usually tries to get people to vote him as an admin, which won't work on my server. He also doesn't seem to fully understand the game mode. Yet he has a large amount of time 'played' in Arma 3.

The first thing he says was something along the lines of 'you play both teams, that not right'. I don't respond, so he goes on, seemingly getting angrier, telling me how he checked the score list, and my name is on for both teams, and how it is against the rules. I simply responded, asking him whose rules these were. With no response. So I spoke up again and told him to treat my OPFOR team nicely, as I would be returning to it when I was done.

About five minutes later, I begin to get notice that the BLUFOR base is under attack by artillery. The HQ gets destroyed... I said in chat, 'wtf, douchbag... so, you are pissed that I am on a different team, and you decide that throwing the game is a more mature option?'

By destroying the HQ he ruined any chance that BLUFOR had at making a new base. He basically crippled BLUFOR's ability to play the game or even compete with the well developed and well funded OPFOR Presence on the island at the time. The 2 other people on the server, besides kukuruku and myself, decided to leave because the game was basically ruined at this point.

Anyhow, I ended up kicking him, and trying to ban him for game throwing.

Sadly, this game mode allows people to do that, but it is kind of expected that people play fair and fight fair. Douchebags like this tend to ruin the game for everyone, and are the one main reason that many servers tend to have a password to protect them. But, with over 1500 hours spent in Arma 3, this is the first such real douchbag that I have encountered on this level. I mean sure there are silly trolls and such, but no one on this level of game throwing that it completely ruins a long term campaign.

Yes, I am quite pissed at him, but at the same time, after checking his Steam profile, it is obvious he hasn't made many friends, nor does he have a good reputation. I wish I really could of lectured him directly, but he refused to talk to me.

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