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Farm Dream

This Dream sequence started out when Jolie and I went to see a hockey game as some small town arena. Things went well until some disrespectful kid sitting in the stands behind us, spit on me. I almost turned around and clocked him square in the jaw, but then I decided to confront him with logic and intellect. In any case, it seemed that he had some friends, so we ended up leaving the Arena. We ended up at a restaurant which was supposedly in Toronto. There were a lot of stairs in the place, and we had a table on one level which was like an overhang over the street kinda. Some of my chat friends joined us... Specifically 'Acinonyx' and Scarlett. I also recall another girl, who we shall call Becky. We ate, but for some reason I ended up leaving early, and heading back to the place we were staying.

I recall driving down farm roads, and then through a farm compound where I needed to open gates in order to proceed. At one point I was driving down a dark road, and could hardly see what was ahead of me. I then realized I had a lightbar on my truck with take down lights. I flipped those on and saw a dark object in the road ahead. I stopped and swerved a little. It was a baby colt who was still bloody from being born. It was confused and running wild kinda. I got out to try to wrangle it and looked around. A woman, her shirt bloody came out from behind a farm house nearby, and was chasing the horse. I helped her, and I believe we wrangled it. She thanked me.

I returned to the farm house where we were staying (up in a loft on the second floor), and the girls were already back. They had wondered where I was, and I told them the tale of the horse. We had one large bed, and I recall casually flirting with Scarlett and Acinonyx to little effect. Looking back on the memory of this scene from my dream, it reminds me of the night I stayed with 2 girls in a hotel room. Acinonyx seemed to get sad, and she had some gifts for me. I opened it and looked through them. They were products from all the places she had worked (which in this case were food manufacture companies). Ice cream bars, and other products which were of a 'treat' nature. She claimed each one had significance to her, but she was sad and said I probably didn't care, and that I just wanted her for the sex. I tried to comfort her and argue against that belief - but it didn't seem to go well.

I recall then being distracted by a lawn mower... it was dark out. I looked out the window and there was a drone, remotely operated lawn mower which was driving over bushes and destroying them in the process of cutting the grass. A raccoon or perhaps possum was chasing it, and then jumpped up onto the structure I was in, and climbed right up past the window.

I then recall a brief conversation with Becky who suggested that I just come to her room and call it a night because I had had a busy day. I agreed, leaving the other girls there. Jolie, was not there, I am not sure where she was... Perhaps down stairs in the same house. Becky and I cuddled, nude, but it felt comfortable, and there was no real push for it to be anything more. Just enjoying the company and moment.

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