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Fall 2023 Roadtrip Day 1


The adventure began with a trip to Perry, NY to visit the Letchworth Art and Crafts show. It was quite a large art festival, and there was no on site parking. All visitors had to park at remote lots and there were shuttle buses running to the show.

Seemed a little odd, but it was also fun in it's own way. Made it more difficult for us however, with having to carry a baby. The weather there was less than pleasant. Windy and scattered rain. But people were still there.

Afterwards we visited a shop we saw while riding the shuttle bus. A cheese shop with a 24/7 cheese vending machine! I did have to purchase some cheese of course. With the weather being how it was, we decided to bypass actually visiting Letchworth Park, and headed straight for the Swain Resort.

The Swain Resort was a little confusing. There were details in an email which I had neglected to fully read prior to getting there, and I had actually forgotten which room I had booked. They also call the lodge the Mountainside Inn, which made me think it was a separate entity. In any case we eventually found the place.

We were obviously staying in the place off season. I think the staff was a little under prepared to deal with guests. I think maybe one other person was staying there in another cabin. The place was cute and had some old school, cottage / cabin charm to it.

I did love the fire place in the living room, and the full kitchen, with provided plates and other kitchen supplies which was very handy having a little baby to feed and take care of. We did have a late night issue which was handled by the Owner. But there was no one on site to instantly take care of the issue. We did get a full refund without even asking for it however, so I will say that they are honorable and honest.

Otherwise I did love the place. We did a little hike up the grassy ski slopes to see how far we could climb. Made it up over half way, and I estimated that we were about 350ft to 400ft up. It was a bit of a trial run for the Mountain we would be climbing later in the week. Whisperin' was surprised it was only that far. But sure enough the Ski Resport says it's hill was about 650 feet in total slope height. The Serria Inn Bar and Grill was great! The food from there was excellent, and the decor was perfect.

Whisperin's thoughts of the day were as follows:

We drove to Letchworth - Perry, for Art Show. It was rainy and cold, but we were having a fun time. We kept driving to find the shuttle bus parking and found it in a drive in movie theater for "event" parking. School bus was the shuttle bus, which drove us to the event. It was fun to see everyone's pottery, wreaths, fall decor, cheese filled foods (pepperoni & pickle are examples), paintings, photos, indigo fabric, woodworking, knives, etc. We saw everything and we didn't take too long, mostly because of the weather. We found out my umbrella doesn't work anymore. It would not stay open unless Roadwolf held the top part under the top of the umbrella up. So his poor arm was up the whole time it rained. We were laughing at the silliness.

We drove to Swain resort. We couldn't find the room easily. We drove around the Resort 3 times looking for it. Stayed at Trainside Inn. We saw a train go by! We heard several ones go by through the night and could hear the rumblinng on the tracks. The place had a cute cabin feel. Our little one enjoyed looking at the inside of the building. He stayed on his little play mat and played cutely. He also slept super well that night. We went to a restaurant and picked up dinner. We walked up a huge hill. We made it halfway up the hill or a little past halfway. Pretty fall leaves.

Funny how the decoration in the room, matched the thoughts on how the stay ended up being.

Day 2 continues on the next page!

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