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Fall 2022 Update

Things have been a little tough for me this year. With prices rising, and the cost of living having increased, it has been very difficult to manage owning a home by myself, with no other occupants. Terri has been very great tho, and I imagine when she moves here, we should be all set with our combined income.

In other news, I just acquired a cat. A work friend has given me a rescue cat. And it in turn had kittens. One kitten was born with a severe cleft upper lip and palate, and didn't survive very long. Peanut was it's name and it is buried now. The other one, a little male named Tiger, is doing well and very cute. The mother cat, named Squeaky, is a curious and bratty feline, who is always up to something. Keeps me on my toes anyhow.

The Aquarium project from a few years ago is also going well still. I really don't maintain it at all. Haven't for months. But the aquarium eco system is so well stabilized that it can survive and produce it's own food. I have slowly cut back on running the Sump for the aquarium, to save on energy costs. But the corals are still thriving and growing.

Recently a windows update seemed to have corrupted my computer. I do believe it actually physically damaged my GPU. Can this be fixed? Maybe. But at the moment with the available drivers and software patching, it doesn't seem to have a solution. Terri has also been great in helping me deal with this issue.

In the past when my main PC became inoperable, I would often have freaked out. I'll admit that I was stressed out a fair bit about this. But eventually - knowing I didn't have enough money to deal with it right now, I just came to the realization that there was no sense allowing myself to get stressed out. Just relax. I am still living, still breathing, and still have a roof over my head.

As things move forward I do believe things will improve. Terri will be moving in with me soon enough, and we are starting a proper family. I do believe that we will be super for each other. I also believe that I am ready for the next adventure in my life.

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