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Fall 2021

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2021 is almost over. What a crazy couple of years. Going from one of the best economies we have seen, to high inflation and what is seemingly a steady and planned nosedive into poverty and hardship for a majority of Americans, and indeed people all around the world.

Was this the UN's plan with Agenda 21? Are the rich and powerful behind this all, trying to further distance themselves from the scummy bottom feeders that are the general public? I am unsure. Maybe this is all unplanned, and just happening naturally? It is hard to believe that. Everything seems to have some political spin now. It can't be pure chance if it seems planned.

Whatever the case, there are a lot of people who are arming themselves now. People are preparing for the fall of society. Rightfully so. With mask and vaccine mandates running rampant, there are many police forces which are in the midst of a huge labor shortage. And the officers who are left, are not as likely to be willing to enforce the law, especially when they know they don't have as much backup available to them.

To some people, this seems just fine. Police represent a bad and oppressive part of society. To others, police represent security and order. I think the divide is generally speaking, if you are a land or business owner, you likely want the police around. If you rent, and are a general worker / student, then you may see the police as an oppressive force.

Regardless, there are a lot of people who are seeing this now, and who are arming themselves in order to protect themselves and also for survival uses, incase the supply chain issue gets worse. I am indeed one of those people. We may have to begin hunting for our own food soon, if we want to be able to get real meat for an affordable price. I have heard that Cattle Ranchers are not getting good price offers for their beef. The meat supply industry is undercutting the asking prices of the ranchers. Yet they go and sell meat prices for higher than average.

So it seems that the meat shortage isn't on the ranchers side, but rather the meat suppliers creating their own shortage by not wanting to purchase cattle at a reasonable price, and so they are having a hard time finding cattle at those prices. So that is concerning.

A lot of the troubles we are facing right now, have been artificially created by policy changes, mandates, and fear porn spread by the mainstream media and PR type talking heads. If you erased the last 2 years of BULLSHIT, and we had just treated the virus similar to how we treat the flu, we would be in a great position right now - and I imagine TRUMP would still be president.

So why is all of this being artificially created?

That is the scary thing. Be it UN's Agenda 21, or George Soros trying to push his Nazi Party viewpoints, or some other misguided attempt to create a global government, while controlling the plebs of society. The reasons are unclear - there are so many theories and so many actors trying to manipulate the public. But the results will be clear.

There are already a vast amount of skilled, intelligent, people who are standing up to this, and leaving their professions. Many trades and positions are now being filled with sub-standard workers who lack proper training and guidance. The ones who actually know how to do things are leaving, and switching to work in simple jobs. Why? Well if you can work in your specialized job, and have to face all sorts of bullshit which makes your job harder - when you have earned your position and proven yourself. That gets frustrating over time.

But what if you left that position, and then worked in a simple field that is a lot easier, making similar income (minimum wage has gone up, so that wage gap between well paying specialized jobs and basic wages has narrowed). Where you aren't held to a higher standard, and you can slack off a little more, and say fuck it because the job doesn't really matter as much. Less stress and bullshit to deal with, sure. And roughly the same money coming in? hmm... Sometimes sanity is worth some sacrifice.

The world is indeed headed towards an artificially created hardship right now. And whether governments will fall. Whether war will come - be it civil war, or a world war (china?)... Whatever is going to happen, as human beings our duty to ourselves is to survive and prosper. Prepare to defend yourself. Prepare to survive. And get out there and have babies (chuckling).

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