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No this is not a World of Warcraft reference. I was talking with one of my friends and they asked me about my most epic snow ball fight. So I wanted to share with everyone the epic'ness that is 'vehicular snowballing'. This happened when I ran the Emergency Response Group. It was a quiet night, and we had 3 units staging up in the outskirts of town. Snow had just fallen and it was the first snowfall of the year. Eventually a snowball fight broke out between the units. I had a bucket in my van, so I drove to a snow bank and started making snow balls. I then put the bucket in between the passenger seat and driver seat and opened my drivers side window so I could throw the snowballs out while driving. My buddy and his wife were in the other van, and they opened their sliding door and his wife was in the back with a pile of snow balls. A 3rd unit was also there in a car, and he was doing the same thing I was. It became a ballet of vehicles, driving circles around each other and narrowly avoiding hitting each other. The parking lot was at a country club and was free of any obstructions. We never went fast or anything, but we did cut a few close turns and such. Being that we all worked together regularly, we could pretty much predict movements and such. Plus we were good at driving. The goal was to get as many snow balls inside the open windows and doors as possible :) I think I won, but eventually, I got out of the van and got in Jasons trunk (the 3rd unit). It was a large trunk but still kinda uncomfortable. I was leaning back against some pylons with my feet dangling over the edge of the trunk. I had my bucket back there, and it became a battle between the passengers of the 2 vehicles while the drivers drove around. It was a hella fun battle! I wish i had pics! Was it safe? well, with us it was. But with anything that is 'fun' there is always the risk of injury. I mean, for the amount of time we spent playing, we would of surely hurt ourselves sledding or something had we been sledding. Anyhow, good fun! I always love a good snow ball fight :)

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