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Eggert Road!

WNY Hwys

(Continued from Buffalo Wagon Trails)

This trail is Eggert Road / Young Street!

Check this out! The 1800 map I got this from:



Current Day Eggert Road alignment has changed in some areas. Where Eggert meets Main Street (Hwy 5), exists St. Benedict's Roman Catholic Church. It is a beautiful structure erected in 1920. This is 120 years after the 1800 map. So I am unsure if Eggert was re-aligned before or during this St Benedict's construction.



But this does explain why Eggert is oddly positioned and slashes through the otherwise grid-like pattern of Tonawanda.

I found this post on Young Street, just across from Gene's Junkyard Bar and Grill.



Very cool. I would love to see pictures of how this trail looked back in the day. I imagine it was just bare wilderness in 1800. Kind of funny that Tonawanda grew up around it, and other than it's odd slash across the Town, there is no real old development along this trail aside from the Church and maybe some older landmarks near downtown City of Tonawanda.


I plan on doing more research and posting more about this stuff. But I will likely be featuring those posts more so on once I create a headend for that domain. :) Enjoy and stay tuned!

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