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Early August Adventure 2023

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My little pack had a wonerful and productive weekend this past weekend. It was date night on Saturday, and so we went to p.f.Changs in Buffalo. I had never been there, and it was a little different than I had expected - but also not too bad pricewise. The food had an interesting twist, but was tasty and well prepared.

We wandered around the mall and eventually got some cookies and cheesecake to take home for a yummy snack later on.


On one of out evening walks we saw a very cool boat in the Canal. It was an Xsquisite X5 Plus. These tend to go for about 1.9 Million US Dollars. It is a solar powered hybred sailboat catamaran. This one's name was Chi, so I wonder if it was this charter yacht?


That night we stayed up late and watched the perseid meteror shower for a bit and had a campfire. Saw a huge fireball. Very cool!


I also cut down a tree out back this weekend. That was an adventure. I have yet to purchase a chainsaw, but the sawsall worked. But I will say that a sawsall is hard on the body. That being said the back area looks a lot brighter now! And the tree is no longer rubbing against my garage and my neighbors garage.


My partner and I went to the Lewiston Art Fest. It is always a lovely time, and was super busy this year. I was in search of a local craftsman who could produce a custom silver collar. But there were a lot of great artists there. Many booths had signs asking for no photographs because, you know, AI can steal art. Which I fully understand. So if AI steals your copyrighted art, who can you sue for infringement? Does copyright even matter anymore?


One of the cute vendors we came across was a guy who did little glass figures and such. Very cool. We did spend a lot of time admiring this art and ended up purchasing some items.


I also purchased a Water Buffalo leather belt, custom sized by a guy there who did a lot of leathercraft. I imagine he could make a collar too, but I was hoping for a silver or white gold one... But his site is Very fine craftwork. Him and his wife also loved seeing our little pup, who was doing a great job smiling and being cute for them.


Another walk produced several animal encounters, including a Northern Brown Snake, a Cicada that was still alive, and this giant Polyphemus moth. It was surely a surprising sight to see. The absolute size of it was impressive. And the see through eyes were neat. It was a good 5 or so inch wingspan. The body alone was about an inch wide.


All in all a productive and fun weekend. I even had some time to create a new blog post! How amazing is that? lol

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