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I rarely remember dreams, but I do have them often. I find I am able to somewhat control my dreams as well. Although they often prohibit me from doing what I want... Sure my dreams can be a bit strange, but they are dreams and they are basically rides we usually just go with the flow with. Here are some examples of my dreams. There will also be follow ups with other dreams as I remember them. There is a new category called Dreams. :)

December 29th 2009

This dream took place primarily in my basement at Roman Road. I was a teenager, and most of the time the dream consisted of a classroom environment where I was in a sort of class. Mainly an art class. I remember drawing maps and schematics, when I should of been drawing art, however it was okay since it was what I enjoyed to do. I also remember planning and working on a model railroad layout. I also remember 2 teachers, one was my french teacher from grade school, and another was another teacher from grade school who I can't place. I would flirt with both of them in the back rooms of the class, and their responses were hesitant reluctance. There was also a fragment of the dream where one of these teachers was a paramedic or doctor, and she had to examine me in her office after I falsely complained of having an injury. I could tell she knew I was lying, but she continued and seemed to enjoy it.

December 30th 2009

Tonights dream was about a IRL capture the flag game which takes place on the shores of a lake near a downtown core of a city. However this was a natural shoreline, not a man made shoreline. Regardless, there were 2 teams, and some of the players were actually also players on TF2*. I remember having semi-perminant bases (read: blue tarps, set up as makeshift tents) set up in groves of bushes and long grass on the shore of a lake, and in some cases we left some semi valuable gods down in the bases overnight (i.e. a tablet PC for some sort of editing purpose). As for weapons, weapons similat to TF2 were used... Unsure how that translated to real life. I remember personally being a battle engie and setting up a turrent quickly in the other teams base... :P *Apparently I lived in a apartment building near the shore, and so did a few players. One of them was a female - we lived on the same floor... I remember preparing for a big game, and she had a bunch of people for her team over. Sadly that is all I remember.

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