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Dream January 30th 2016: The Game.

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I had a very thematic dream sequence which I figured I would write about. Warning, it is very unusual, even for me.

The dream began as a journey down a cavern deep underground. The cavern diverged and went two ways. One way involved a large puzzle chamber, the other way a fairly clear path towards an exit, which emerged in the hillside of a rocky volcano by the sea. I recall being stuck here for a while, and building a house out of stones, and being able to survive. I also had acquired a pet tiger at this point as well. At some point, my wife emerged from the opening and found me, and moved in with me for a while, bringing our two parrots.

Then somehow things went dark, and we were back at the hotel room, with about four others who were supposedly hacker friends of mine. The game must of restarted! We were on some sort of quest to reach the deepest dungeons of this game, but the game had implications in reality. It was a Minecraft styled game, and I recall being able to talk the Radio Station I worked for, into spending money and resources to install a server for this game on their website. So this was my official mission - to get a server set up, tho it wasn't my real mission. My real mission was to beat the game, which had some sort of real implications impacting what we know about history. The hotel was our base of operations. The setting in the real world was some sort of western town, with eastern architectural influences, and western automobiles. As well as western stores and culture.

We decided to give it another go, and I recall going into the cavern again with a friend. We were treading carefully when my friend stepped on a sandy yellow square and we heard a slight roar through the hallow cavern. We looked at each other and said oh shit. We then ran down the other passageway to the house I had built on the coast, seemingly one of the easiest escapes, tho also seemingly a dead end. When we arrived the seas were churning and there was a storm surge. The house was partly flooded and the wind was howling. The crops were ruined, but I was able to get in and rescue my tiger. My wife also showed up and rescued our parrots. Eventually we brought them back into the real world with us.

Things were not going well. That stumble made it more difficult to proceed into the depths of the game. I was alone, naked (as i usually would be in a private setting), in a side office just off of the main hotel room. It had glass sliding doors connecting the two rooms. My room was dark, and set up in a similar manner as my office, in real life. I was working on my computer, and remember my wife opening the sliding door, and throwing in my tiger, saying that she (the tiger) was causing problems. I turned to look at my tiger who was shaken up. She jumped up onto the couch then pounced down at me. Luckily not out of the intent to eat me... just play. So I rolled down to the floor with her and was petting and roughhousing with the tiger a little bit - still naked of course. My friends, supposedly used to seeing me naked, but not used to seeing me naked, and wrestling with a tiger, were casually watching us through the sliding doors while they discussed the next steps that we had to do to get things done in the game. All in all, I had only gotten caught in the tigers sharp nails once on my arm. She went to sleep on my couch, and I got up, got dressed and joined my friends for a bit.

We were not having much luck, when a business man showed up. He was a special programmer whom the radio station recommended, could help with the installation of this program and the deep backend code. He wore a black suit and looked very formal. I had gone out into the Hotel lobby to meet with him, as he sat in one of the business room offices provided by the Hotel. He said he required a cash down-payment for his services. The radio station had not informed me of this, nor had they given me money for it. I was broke. I told him that I didn't have any cash, and he left. I wandered back to the room, but before I could get there, I saw some sort of wildlife rescue people coming down the hall with my tiger in a catch-collar, and being led out of the hotel, with another tiger who was obeying them. My tiger was very upset, and two of the rescue people were very torn up. I guess they couldn't handle her...

I was able to shrug that off, and went back to the room. I had more to worry about other than my tiger, whom was really a distraction at this point anyhow. I told everyone the bad news, and sighed. Then I recall kinda saying 'fuck it' and throwing my cell phone down, and leaving. I wandered the street on my own for a while, before becoming completely hungry and tired. Having lost much of my clothing aside from my underwear and shirt, I began to crawl down the paved street. I recall seeing a lot of strange traffic, one such vehicle that caught my attention was a dark green 1988 Ford Crown vic, which was making a turn in front of me. It has flat tires all around, and bicycle rims inside of the vehicle rims which also had flat tires. It also, while driving backwards, was pushing a loaded boat trailer from its rear bumper. There was also an empty bicycle rickshaw, and a empty two-wheeled bicycle which was somehow trailed tot he front bumper and were upright and following along as if it was a little train. I was very down, and depressed when a friend had seen me and got me to come up into the backseat of their car. Other friends were in the car, and they were telling me that one of us had gone into the game and was doing well.

They talked me into getting food, even tho my initial retort was that I was only in my underwear and didn't want to go. We had found some track shorts in the car, and I slipped those on and agreed to go for food. We had to pick our plates from a huge selection of plates, and supposedly there were specific plates we could pick which would change, if our friend was successful. So we ate and watched the plates. Mine had a pattern of something from scripture in it. A cliftface with a large monolithic structure with an opening at the bottom. There was also an old painting in the place where we had sat down to eat with the same picture. Another plate had a design of two cartoonish girls kneeling at what appeared to be a manger scene (in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ). Except instead of a crib, there was a stool with a plate, and upon the plate was a slice of bread. Sticking out of the bread was a tiny dagger, with a small flame being emitted from the handle. Supposedly representing something bad which needed to change.

As we ate, they told me that things had been going well in the journey so far, and that our friend who had gone into the game alone, had passed the puzzle room which we hadn't passed before. Supposedly this quest was meant to alter time, and the further we got in this game, the farther back in time you went. Supposedly the scene with the slice of bread, and the dagger, was supposed to contain a slide of bread and a hot dog weiner sticking up from it, which I suppose represented Jesus? Or something good. Anyhow, as we ate, we noticed both plates change. Mine morphed and the monolith, while still existing, moved down the clift to block the opening at the bottom. The manger scene switched to show the hot dog, as opposed to the dagger. We gasped and examined the plates closely, I turned to look at the paining on the wall, which had also changed, but as I was looking at it, it changed back. Something was wrong.

We rushed out of there, and the scene switched. I recall being in the car, and us talking about how our cell phones were not going to work anymore, and how we had to just do things on our own if we got split up. We ended up outside a National Park out West somewhere. For some reason I thought it was Oregon. This part felt like a movie, and I recall that we were trying to get access to the park, but it was closed today. The rangers wouldn't let us in. The park had similar terrain to the area where the house by the sea was, and so we were wondering if this maybe where the exit was located. We still hadn't heard from our friend who went into the game. After insisting we enter, the park rangers got mad and turned suspicious, so we backed up and drove off. They gave chase to us, and the chase went down a gravel road. I recall coming around and bend, and seeing a red MG speedster coming towards us. Classic 'Larry', which I suppose was our friends name... We knew it was him. Indeed as we passed him, it was. He waved, and then someone in the back of our car shot over a gun to his car, it was like a grappling hook to catch a hold of it. He waved it off, but then quickly attached something to the line, and sent it our way before disconnecting the line and carrying on.

The Rangers stopped, and turned around to chase after 'Larry', whom I suppose, since he was coming out of the park, had committed more of a crime than we had. We continued down a road which bordered the park, and found a cliftface, which was mostly hardened mud with some trees around. The object that Larry had sent us was some sort of clue as to the location, and we were close. We climbed the hill, and there was a gravel road at the top which was inside the park. We were right overtop of the location, so we began to dig. Eventually other friendly people showed up, on the park road, parking and getting out to help. But at the same time, these strange 'agents' kept on driving past very slow, poorly disguised as families which were going camping, even tho the park was closed. Down the road and through the trees you could see government SUV's collecting, and the force building... But we were close to finding something.

Then the dream ends.

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