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Originally posted on December 11, 2008: Sadly I can't draw. Well I can draw as long as it involves blueprints and straight lines and such. Some would say I am a furry... I don't think I truly am. I mean I do not go and dress up and attend furry conventions. However I will admit one thing, and that is I do sometimes RP as a wolf online. Also, one of my favorite drawings is a drawing by Wookiee... I know it is a bit graphic. But I love it... And I would love to draw something similar for my avatar. But I do not really think I have the talent to draw so well :( Idealy I would like a drawn avatar of myself in furry form. Just a headshot or something. And then a nice full sized drawing of myself in furry form. Likely in a wooded area, perhaps in a quiet northern spring, beside the water, or on the rocky shore of a lake with a nice full moon behind a few clouds for a dramatic sky. I visualize my 'furry form' as being a gray/brown wolf. I would likely be a little more grey now then brown, and likely have some white highlights as I am getting a little older. I have thick hair around my head, like a lions main. I am a large full figured wolf, however not overly visibly muscular. More soft and noble looking. And my expression curious or content (relaxed). Honestly, as a bonus, I would love to re-create that Wookiee photo above with my furry image as the male, and another female wolf or fox, but maintaining the same general lines and similar setting.

This is a nice drawing done for Akane on UER. I did approach the artist who did this, but he never got back to me :( As I mentioned before in a post a few months ago, My identity is 'RoadWolf'. But I lack an avatar. I also lack the graphic knowledge to make such an avatar. I am not creative in that sense. This lack of a visual identity does bother me sometimes. I would totally be willing to pay for a good image as well. I am not sure how much people normally pay for such things... But I am sure I can offer a reasonable amount. - Roadwolf,

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