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I generally do not take notice of mass hysteria type predictions such as this one. I simply try to go about my normal life and do my own thing - while maintaining a natural degree of alertness to the world around me. December 21st, 2012 or December 23rd, 2012 will hopefully be similar for me. I normally wouldn't write such an article, prolonging and expanding the discussion of such events. This is especially true now that web crawlers like Web Bot scanning for keywords into such events, which will be used to make very false predictions based on human fear. This is very much like terrorism. While I must agree that many intelligent people I converse with all believe that these theories are full of shit. The uneducated population might not be able to figure that out. I imagine there will be some people that will be scared for their lives on this day. This brings me to my next point. The influx of popular culture into this prediction, has all but eliminated the possibility that 'SOMETHING' will happen. In fact, the more people discuss this, the more likely that something will happen. Will it be a comet? or Planet X? Or a black hole? No... It will likely be the work of terrorists, who would use this event to fuel their reign of terror. Think about it. What better time to strike? Millions of people will believe the world is coming to an end if someone were to strike targets on this day. The chaos, and terror this would cause would be far greater then the Sept 11 attacks. Personally, I plan on being in Central Ontario, Canada, at a cottage, spending time with the family on these dates. However, I will suggest bringing extra food, water, and fuel to the members of my extended family. I do plan to have my ham radio set up for communication as well. Will I be scared? No... I will be ready however for any human made disaster. I suggest that people stop laying importance on these dates... The more they do, the more likely something will happen.

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