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Deadly I-290 Motorcycle crash

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I am sure most cities have their groups of motorcycle clubs, who ride crotch rockets on the highways in the evening at high rates of speed. In Buffalo, they are kind of a common sight on the I-190 / I-290 in the evening.

I knew it would only be a matter of time before this type of thing happens.

As much as it sounds insensitive of me to say this, I am very glad that two of these morons have been killed. Sadly in the process however, their deaths have caused many problems for others. From traffic delays, to emotional trauma for the truck driver who ran over one of their bodies, and turmoil within their 'gang' of riders.

Personally I do not see how these crotch rockets are even street legal. I have personally never seen one obeying the speed limit. So why do we allow them out there? For cheap thrills? At whose expense? Sure the cyclist is most at risk and usually dies in mistakes like this one, but it still does put other motorists at risk.

I would like to see a speed cap installed on bikes at maybe 80 mph, and/or a RFID monitoring system which will track the registration of the bike as it passes the many RFID sensors installed for truck uses along the highway. At least this way, if a high speed bike is reported, or a cop sees one, they can always look on the records and see who's bike it was. Instead of trying to chase it, which is a futile attempt at best. Or... How about rolling stop barriers which we can deploy right infront of a group of speeding bikes? sweet! Sounds good to me.

Oh but wait, we are forgetting about a few things here. Sadly in today's society, darwinism no longer exists. We can't just let these people kill themselves. They have a right to go speeding on the highway and risking their own lives? Or do they?

Well, it would be nice to see laws get tougher on motorcyclists. And I think that insurance companies should not insure crotch rockets if their owners have had any traffic infraction withink 3 years, and any DUI ever.

In closing I would like to say... Yay! 2 less crotch rockets to worry about on the highway. Sweet!

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