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Cutting my Mainstream Ties (Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity)

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Several years ago, shortly after Google+ made its appearance, it became apparent that Google required users to use full legal names instead of nick names on its service. My friend was warned about his nick name, and ended up photo shopping his drivers license and sending them a picture of it in order to 'prove' that his nick name was his real name. I shook my head and took the 'why bother' stance, and ended up closing my Google+ account. I have never regretted that decision. Never in my life since then has anyone on the street, at the store, or at work ever asked me if I had Google+, nor suggest I look at something on Google+. Even my own wife who does have Google+, has never mentioned it to me. So I must not be missing much.

I have never had a myspace page, so you can always write that one off too. I never saw a need to have one, and thought they were for losers and whores. Mind you I am a whore, but I don't need a myspace page to flaunt it. I do have a twitter account however. I was able to 'steal' it from someone else who had claimed the name @roadwolf. They only had a few 'tweets' and since I had this site, I was able to get them to force the user to change their name, and they granted me my rightful name. Excellent! That being said, my twitter is really only used to promote new posts on my blog. I do not update my status, make quarky comments, or post photos on it. It is purely promotional, one of the few promotional things I do for the blog.

On December 31st, 2012 I officially closed my two Facebook accounts. Facebook was a nice time sink for me. I had never really gotten into Facebook prior to joining the Fire Department I was a member at, however they did a lot of announcements on Facebook, which forced me to join. It ended up being a fun way to kill time. Which is what it is, a time sink. And being the social butterfly I tend to be, I found it fun to chat with people, and flirt and join groups and share my opinions.

Eventually however I began to see the light. Everyone only posted crap that promoted how amazing their life was, and how suckey the government was. It seemed no one agreed with anyone else about politics, and fights would break out. Even some of my Canadian extended family members were fighting with each other over Facebook about the US ELECTION. I avoided the drama, as I have been beginning to realize that the matrix has closed for many people and the opinion of a sane man who has cut himself off from the social - political programming tools such as mainstream media, does not matter much or have much weight. Some people would in fact suggest that I am insane, or somehow believe everything I see on TV or the Internet. That being said, I have been learning to keep my opinions to myself, and learning who I can trust to talk to about real issues, and who is just full of utter shit.

This prompted a series of random posts I made on Facebook to gauge how much people who claim to be my friends actually paid attention to me, or cared about me. I quickly narrowed my 'friend' count on Facebook from about 100, down to about 20, half of those people being family who, while they may not always pay attention to me, I still consider close enough to have kept on Facebook. I eventually worked my way back up to about 60 'friends' on Facebook, however those were mostly 'furies' who I added in order to engage in role playing and conduct some other research which I have spoken about in the past regarding my connection with wolves.

I frequented Facebook less and less into the final months of 2012, and by the end of December I was getting anxious to delete my account. I had all the photos removed the week of Christmas, and couldn't wait to close my account fully. I still do not miss it, and do not plan on returning.

I get my news mostly through No Agenda. It is a valuable source of news and information about current events. Adam and John provide a balanced view on most news stories, and while they aren't always 100% accurate, they do manage to hit the nail on the head more often then not. They also open peoples eyes to the wool that is being pulled over the heads of everyone by the mainstream media, and point out just how fake much of the news we hear, really is.

The reason I am writing this article, is because of the latest Executive order (Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity). It is practically SOPA, PIPA, FIPPS, and any other internet security bill which has failed in the past wrapped into one bill. It will actually deputize people in private companies which are in responsible positions within companies designated as important internet infrastructure in order to protect them from legal action which may come from them divulging private information of consumers to the government (i.e. spies will be able to gather private information about everything you do on the internet and divulge that to the government). That is just part of this broad, over reaching executive order, giving more power to the Department of Homeland Security (which is run by Janet Napolitano, who by her own admission, doesn't use email, nor even knows how to utilize a computer).

This Executive order will force the major internet websites to force you to use your legal name. You will no longer be able to use a nick name. This is basically a method to control you, and identify you if you have any opposing viewpoints. The Identity Ecosystem is coming into place, which will enforce this trusted identity plan.

While I have absolutely nothing to hide (and if people dig deep enough, they can find nude photos, and my full information on this very website, I don't try hard to hide it), I refuse to agree with this. I am simply just falling back onto my own website. I suppose eventually they will just block my website from access, but we will cross that road when we get there. My next plan is to wean myself off of Google all together. I will be removing the Google ads and code from my website. I will be likely finding alternatives to YouTube which is already harassing me to add my full legal name every time I want to post a comment. I have my own email server, I have my own web server, both combined only cost about $30 every 3 months. It isn't that expensive. It is hosted in Canada.

I suppose I am a lone wolf who might be too paranoid. Some of my friends are slaves who would say that I am over reacting, and that if I have nothing to hide, then why not just use my real name on here. Well, I simply do not wish to. You can all go ahead, and be good slaves who obey. I shall continue to do what I do. I suppose that if people think I am crazy for thinking this way, then why are they even bothering to read this post? Well I imagine not many people have read this post. I seem to think that I am alone in my thoughts or theories. Am I really that much of a lone wolf? Oh well, I have always enjoyed being different, I suppose I am used to being alone.

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