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Current Game Servers!

Winter is here. Since I don't watch TV, I tend to keep my mind occupied with games when I am not working or finding adventures in real life.

Currently there are 3 games I rotate between. Valheim, Space Engineers, and now Minecraft Tekkit (Tekkit Classic 2.0 pack).

Valheim and Space Engineers are available on Steam. Steam is a great portal for gaming. The Server IP's for each respectively are (Valheim) and (Space Engineers). Valheim has a password, and I will gladly give it out to friends.

Tekkit is a fun offshoot of the classic old Minecraft franchise. Seems simple, yes. But it is always fun to explore and create with friends. And Tekkit is a lot more technical and has a lot of challenge associated with it, if you plan on advancing.

Tekkit Classic 2.0 can be downloaded from the TechnicLauncher, by selecting MODPACKS and typing Tekkit Classic 2.0.

You will need a classic old java Mojang Minecraft account to log into TechnicLauncher. My Server IP is (default port 25565). Everyone is welcome.

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