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News of Trump winning the election in the USA has sparked some rather interesting displays of fear and hate around the world. It has been interesting, and even quite comical to watch how peoples worlds have been shattered. Am I a mean bully for thinking that way? Sure, maybe. However, I attribute a lot of the hate and fear mongering to those who may call themselves 'liberals'. I am speaking of the millennials, of course. Mostly those who are younger than 30, college educated, 'hipsters' who have yet to really venture out into the world on their own. In campus life, they learn about safe spaces, multiculturalism and how we should respect everyone, especially minorities. They also learn about white guilt, and if they are white, they will tend to shame themselves. It is a rather interesting generation.

Having grown up in the Gen X world myself, I did begin to experience the very beginnings of the millennial world developing towards the later part of my High School experience. Sporting events where everyone was awarded a trophy, just for participating. The self esteem culture had begun. If you weren't happy about yourself, it was someone else's fault, and you needed to blame them, and take medications to feel better. The Self Esteem movement grew out of control into the 2000's, and developed into safe spaces, and into a culture where the only accepted person was someone who was a minority or who was multicultural. The white man is seen as pure evil. Interestingly enough, this culture also believes that the government should provide them with free everything. Free 'Obama' phones, Free healthcare, and free education. Some even spoke of a basic living wage. A payment that everyone would get from the government just for being alive. I suppose it is the white men who work hard for a living, who they expect to pay for all of this through our taxes right? Of course, I know that in reality, there is no real issue of race. Skin color doesn't matter, but this generation seems to think it does, and has been propigating the racial divide in this country more than anyone, while they preach that specific skin color's lives matter. Of course, this is all fuel that Soros has fed them... But that is another story.

What I really wanted to focus on here, is Globalism. You have the younger generation today who believe in One World Government. They believe that the world should be one big open thing. This is the case in the UK with Brexit, and is also the case here in the States. The major sticking point for the younger people is that they want the ability to go to other countries and be free to move around.

Look at how well that has worked out for the European Union so far. Open Borders, and lack of immigration controls has caused a huge immigrant crisis in Europe which is largely still unreported. Refugee camps, with their populations numbering in the tens of thousands still remain as tent cities across all of Europe. The taxpayers are forced to pay for these homeless refugees. And of course, since it is not politically correct to be critical of other peoples thoughts or actions, any bit of outrage over this has been quickly hushed. Another thing which has been hushed is the ability for people to speak out against cultural change. The culture of their very own country is under threat, as new religions flood in, protected by 'free speech' and 'free religion' laws, but then these new religions petition and pressure lawmakers to change laws and enact completely new laws. Of course I am mainly speaking of Islam and the Shira Law courts which have been popping up across Europe. Diversity and the fear of offending people in Europe has gone so far, that any protections to local culture is now practically outlawed. Local people, are the enemy. The immigrants and the new religion is what is catered to. The same can be said about 'minorities'.

Europe right now is a hot mess. A prime example of what happens when you make critical thinking illegal, and force multiculturalism to be accepted. I believe a lot of Americans looked upon the mess Europe is in, and saw shades of that beginning to develop here in the States. You can't have a unique regional culture, if you also plan to encourage Globalization. Kiss any identity you have goodbye, and bow down to any influx of other cultures that choose to flow into your area. This would be like Africa being forced to be nice, and accepting of Newfoundlanders, and conform completely to their ways, while being unable to defend their own culture or identity. A strange example maybe... But I digress.

In any case, I believe that a lot of the more open minded, free thinking population of the United States, have some foresight and viewed Europe as a prime example of everything we don't want to happen here in the States. We want to be Americans. And I fully agree.

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