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Crash-o-Rama Weekend!

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Another weekend, another adventure. My mate was super curious to attend the Holland Speedway's Crash-o-rama event on September 9th 2023. It had been ages since I had been to a race / demo derby myself, so I was also very interested in this event. The event was full of good old boys and gals, and indeed a lot of 'Fuck Joe Biden', or 'Let's go brandon' kind of mindset was taking place. It was excellent. A good patriotic vibe through and through. Indeed a lot of people are very upset with how this corrupt administration is destroying this great country, but that isn't a topic for this post.

My little pup handled this well. He was paying attention and only once cried when he wanted milk. Some fireworks went off at the beginning of the show and he didn't have his ear muffs on yet and that surprised him too, sadly. But he was otherwise enjoying the show and even fell asleep at one point.

We all got covered in rubber dust from being so close to the action. The Endura race was fun. No caution flags, only Red Green and Checkered. So there was a lot of smashing and such. The powder puff race was first, which was female drivers only and they said 80% of them had never raced before. It was also fun. The other notable events was the reverse chain race which I believe my mate said she loved the most. There was also a boat trailer race which I thought was fun, and the bus figure 8 race which ended in a very serious T-Bone incident where one driver (the driver who was winning) had to be transported to ECMC. Busses are heavy and that was a hard hit. It is lucky that he was able to crawl out of it. Click on the link to watch it!

The fun continued the next day when we ventured out to Colden Art Festival. Apparently one of the trend setters and original art festivals, this small village festival was super quaint and free of commercial interests. The food was all local and very reasonably priced, as were the crafts. It was an amazing little adventues and for sure we purchased some items.

Was also neat to see horseback deputies and there was a horse drawn shuttle carriage. Also Abraham Lincon on roller blades skating up and down the street. A very neat little event.

On the way home we ventured over to a new bridge I caught wind of. A brand new wooden covered bridge in the area! Around 624 Schoellkopf Rd, Cowlesville, NY, there is an amazing bridge. It even has fire sprinklers installed. If you are local to Buffalo for sure stop by to check this out. There are also paths down to the river, and it could be a nice spot for dogging or whatever, lol.

We both for sure admired the bridge and how it was built. It reminded both of us about the adventures we had around Conneaut in 2021 visiting the bridges there. And also of the movie Bridges of Madison County which that adventure was quite similar to. I am sure we will venture back to this bridge.

The weekend was rounded off with a trip to Knox Hill State Farm, for some Orienteering. We found 9 of the 10 control points we set out to find. There are 5 more remaining which we will come back for. One of them was in this thicket of trees and supposedly beside a root stock, but there was an additional root stock there as opposed to the single one, so I wonder if a new tree fell and obscured the sign. We were crawling all through the thick forest there looking for it but no luck.

My little pup handled it well, and we did about 8 kilometers of hiking, so that wasn't a bad day at all.

All in all another great weekend!

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