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I am sitting here, in my car, waiting to clock in at work. One of Buffalo's ice breaker boats docked nearby within view, sitting quietly in the frozen Buffalo River. As it often does. It is also snowing, with a light, gentle snow this morning. No one here is freaking out at all. Actually, the highways were moving well today, even with the snow falling. Traffic was moving at 70+ mph on a 55 mph highway.

Here in the North, we are tough and can handle the heat...., and the cold very well. And generally when shit gets very bad we can clean it up quick.

Of course down in the south they really don't have much experience with dealing with the cold, nor the equipment. But it is still humorous to my sadistic mind, to watch them all struggle down there. Yes people are dying, yes things are bad, yes property is damaged! A lot of this could of been avoided with proper management, and information being provided to people. But politicians and media outlets have their heads so far stuck up their asses that they had no idea what to really do. The media is more aligned to reporting on dramatic stories, than actually being a public service.

I would also suggest that a socialist style of privatization is also a major factor in what happened. This happened in California with ENRON. And now in Texas with ERCOT?

I am sitting here enjoying the latest No Agenda Show on this topic. I am also viewing this with having refreshed myself on the story of Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand fresh in my mind.

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